A Dinner Reservation

It was twilight, the hour before dawn. The sky was dark, just a whisper of light trying to overtake night. With hair the color of midnight, and eyes green as the color of the Caribbean Sea, she stands at the waters edge, watching the white foam of the waves cresting, crashing and coming ashore. The waves quietly move forward and recede across the sand. She smells the fresh ocean air, closes her eyes and hopes for a better day than yesterday.

As she takes in these moments of solitude, the sound of her link rings. “Detective Rico” she answers. “Detective Sergeant Rico, respond to 1543 Santa Monica Boulevard, for a 187. Detective Marshall contacted and enroute”, an android voice states. “Rico enroute”, she advises and disconnects. “Damn” she says as she looks back out over the water, turns and heads to her unit, with her laser on her side.

Rico engages the autopilot of her unit and tags her partner, establishing her ETA. As her unit travels to the scene, she looks below to see the street traffic is still light. There are no vendors set up for the day’s prospect of sales. After a few minutes of air-born travel, she arrives at the scene. The fading darkness and flashing red and blue lights of the police units gives the street a surreal feel, as though she is in video game. A few moments later her partner arrives. The two detectives walk towards the crime scene, with Marshall carrying the scene bag.

“What’s that on your shirt, Marshall?” Rico asks.


“That white powder.”

“Oh, that. Um..that would be the powder from my super-delicious powdered donut.”

“Jesus, Marshall, clean it off.” She says while shaking her head.

“Yes Ma’am,” Marshall says with a smile on her face, wiping off her shirt.

A Patrol officer stands at the door of the business, and nods to the Detectives as they arrive. “Scene is secure Detective Rico. The officers that have been in did not touch or move the body,” he states.

“Thanks Martin.”

They grab their crime scene sealant, and spray their boots and hands.

“Marshall, engage your video camera,” Rico states, as she engages her own on her lapel.

“Detective Sergeant Rico, Ana and Detective Marshall, Julie on scene at 1543 Santa Monica Boulevard,” Rico states into the recorder.

Rico and Marshall walk into the crime scene, slowly observing, and recording. They see the blood before the body. The amount seen tells them that the victim bled out. As they slowly move through the complex, following the blood trail, they arrive at the location of the body. Marshall stops, and takes in a quick breath. The body, if that is what you could still call it, is torn into pieces, scattered throughout the room. Blood is smeared on the walls, items knocked on the floor.

“Body appears to be that of a female, age unknown. Body appears to be ripped apart; all edges appear jagged in nature. Time of Death: unknown.” Rico says into the recorder. “DOT to be established by the coroner.”

“Hey Marshall, look at this,” Rico says as she bends down to look closer at what was left of the torso. “What does that look like to you?” she asks.

“Well, it looks like whoever did this had themselves a snack. Those look like bites taken out of the victim.”

“That’s exactly what I thought. Sick bastard.”

After a few minutes of recording the scene, Dr. James Jackson, the Metropolitan Coroner arrives, as well as the Crime Tech Team, the CTT, lead by Marcus Smith.

“Hey Jimmy — can you get me a TOD on the body?” asks Rico.

“Sure, give me second.”

Jimmy takes the scanner, and works the TOD. “TOD is about 0230” he tells her.


“Hey Marcus, can you please be sure to do a full video search of the building and any outlaying buildings. I want to see who came and went from this building and when.” Rico tells the CTT leader.

“Sure, no problem. This one is pretty bad Rico, you have anything yet?”

“No. And how this looks, I think that this won’t be the only victim we get. Someone enjoyed their work, and this isn’t going to be a one night dinner reservation. Do we have an ID on the vic?”

Marcus places one of the fingers on the ID scanner, “Victim is a Jessica Carry, age: 28; occupation: Sales Broker; Home address: 15764 Ocean Pacific Trail, Santa Monica.”

“Please send the information to my link. Thanks”, she tells Marcus

Marcus nods his head, sends the victim information, and begins the task of collecting and bagging the evidence.