A Designer Dog Bed for Your Dog?

Dog beds can be purchased at Walmart for as low as $15. So why buy a designer dog bed for your dog?

A designer dog bed is made using superior materials and better craftsmanship. It is usually a more durable bed that will last longer. In addition, it may provide enhanced comfort for your dog and fit in better with the décor of your home.

Juicy Couture has designed an oval shaped dog bed in a wool blend herringbone pattern with faux fur. Trimmed in rhinestones, this designer dog bed is adorned with Juicy Couture’s distinct logo. Suitable for small dogs, it measures 23 inches by 19 inches and is 7 inches high and costs $145.

Juicy Couture has also created a dog sleeping bag made with the same herringbone fabric, faux fur and logo. Also made for small dogs, this sells for $85.

William Wegman’s designer dog bed is available in two styles, rectangular and circular. These beds, made by Crypton, are called bolster beds since they include back and side supports. The machine washable outer fabric features an overall pattern of Weimaraners, the breed for which Wegman is known for, with either a black or brown background. In addition, the fabric is extremely durable and resistant to stains and other damage. The circular style is available in a 27 inch diameter, a 36 inch diameter and a 44 inch diameter. The rectangular style is also available in three sizes, 18 inches by 24 inches, 27 inches by 36 inches and 36 inches by 44 inches. The smallest size runs about $249, the medium size is about $349 and the large size is about $449.

Gucci offers a designer dog bed for small to medium sized dogs. The outer cover flaunts Gucci’s distinguishing logo in an overall repeat print pattern also seen in many of their other products. Both the inner cushion and the removable outer cover may be hand washed. This rectangular shaped dog bed measures 28 inches by 19 inches and is about 9 inches thick and sells for $380.

Gucci also offers a traveling version of their designer dog bed. Created with the same Gucci logo fabric and approximately the same size with a much thinner inner pad, this bed may be rolled up and secured with its attached closure. It sells for $295.

Julia Mai offers her lavish dog bed named Wilbur. This designer dog bed looks more like a richly padded armchair without legs. The durable and fashionable outer fabric is available in an array of colors and patterns. Sixteen elegant Swarovski crystals, offered in either white or black, embellish each bed. Although exact measurements are not given on their website, beds are sold in extra small through extra large sizes. Sold in retail stores in Europe, beds may also be ordered online. The cost is estimated at between $2000 to $3000.

When shopping for your designer dog bed, be aware of fakes purporting to be the genuine article, just as is the case with designer handbags for women.