A Day in the Wild West

What I couldn’t figure out was how I got here or how it is that I was suddenly in a native Indian village being sent off to go fetch water from the creek. Don’t they realize that I’m not one of them? Clearly not and before I could get words out of my mouth I was being pulled by another young girl who seemed eager to go to that famous creek I was being forced to go to. Oddly enough I understood all her endless banter, in a strange yet sweet language, which was about some boy in the village that slaughtered the largest bear to impress her father in hopes of winning her as his wife. I guess men just will do anything to make a woman think highly of them no matter what era they’re from.

As we journeyed across the flat featureless land the girl claimed we were getting closer yet all I could feel was an unbearable heat that only grew worse with each step. All this time the girl chattered on and I didn’t get a word in edgewise. Before long we could barely see the village behind us as we continued towards this mysterious creek. Then out of nowhere came these two dirty faced white men riding on horses, I guess they were some sort of cowboys or something. They each grabbed one of us unto their horses and sped off in a roar of dust. I kicked and screamed as did the girl and we could hear the Comanches riding after out captors. The white men pulled their guns out and fired in the direction of the Comanches who eventually retreated. Can’t say I blame them, what with the barrage of bullets flying their way and all.

I think that’s when I blacked out. When I came to my mouth was gagged and my hands bound behind me. The other girl was asleep and bound as well. She looked like a lost puppy who got worn out from fighting her way out of being stuck in a hole in the fence all day. We were on the grass and the white men who captured us had company. They talked in a language I understood but was different from the one the Comanches spoke. They wanted to sell us as soon as possible before the Comanches caught up with them.

Suddenly I remembered how I got here, here in this strange world. I was mad at my best friend for telling my most prized secret and made a wish that I wanted to travel back in time so I could make sure we never became friends. I guess I got my wish as I don’t think I’m ever making it back alive now that I’m a captive Comanche in the late 1800s on the verge of being sold into God knows what kind of slavery or torture. What are the odds? I could sure use my blackberry right now. I could google my location and tweet it or put it on my facebook so they’d come find me, but alas!

Next thing I knew we were dragged to our feet and led towards a building but instead of going into the building they took us to the front of the building where they started to shout ” two Comanche Indian gals for sale!” With this said a crowd started to gather and people were looking interested. A well dressed white woman came up and placed a bid that was not outdone by anyone for the other girl whose name I still don’t know. Then this yellow teethed cowboy came up and placed a bid for me which he won. He held my face and smiled showing off his dirty yellowed teeth. He rubbed his knife across my face and slapped me so hard I fell to my feet.

The other girl was gone and I was on a horse with an ugly, filthy cowboy heading towards the east. Our journey went on for the rest of the day and when darkness fell we stopped to camp for the night. He threw me to the ground and checked if the ropes were securely tied on my hands and feet. After he was satisfied he went about lighting a campfire all the while muttering to himself how he was gonna make him some money with this red girl as he was convinced the parlour in his local town would do well with an exotic.

He made a nice comfy bed and left me to lie on the bare earth. What a creep, this cowboy was no gentleman I thought. Soon he nodded off to sleep and was out like a lamp. I lay there wondering if I’d die from a wild animal lurking in the bush or die at the parlour he wanted to take me to. In the midst of my thoughts of death and the eerie night sounds surrounding the campfire I could sense we were not alone.

Comanche warriors surrounded the campsite. Before my yellow teethed cowboy could grab hold of his gun one of the Comanches were already scalping him. It was the most scary event ever. When I opened my eyes I was in shock yet again, there were no campfires or Indian tribe men or dirty cowboys. It was just my room. Me lying in my bed obviously coming out of a super nightmare. And I thought I was gonna have to spend the rest of my life in parlour as a plaything for pervy cowboys. I’d never have thought life could be that dangerous for anyone in a lifetime, thank God for the 21st century!