A Couple’s Guide to a Weekend Getaway in Mallorca

A quick weekend trip the Balearic Islands is often a cheap and accessible option for European travelers. Palma de Mallorca, the capital of Mallorca (Majorca), is a wonderful choice if you want a taste of bustling city life, history, and relaxation all rolled up into one. Here’s how you and your partner can spend your romantic weekend in Palma de Mallorca.


Consider staying at the Hotel Illetas in Mallorca on your romantic weekend getaway. The hotel is recently refurbished and boasts a four star rating. It is located less than 15 km from the airport and less than 10 km from the airport, so travelers won’t have to spend all their time in the car or on the bus. Travel by taxi to and from the airport, and then take either the bus or a taxi between the city center and the hotel when necessary.

Conveniently located a short distance from the city center, they are removed from the hustle and bustle and can truly relax and enjoy the views of the bay and drinks by the pool. Plan to enjoy a leisurely breakfast overlooking the water in the hotel’s restaurant, and spend part of a sunny day lounging by the pool.


You can find fine dining and casual cuisine alike in Palma de Mallorca. Available dining options can suit your mood, the time of day, and your taste buds. If you’re here for two weekend nights, take a taxi to Meson Ca’n Pedro for delicious food in a more traditional Spanish atmosphere one night. Drink wine on the veranda and enjoy a late-night meal (beginning at 7 PM).

For your second evening, dine in the city at Celler Can Amer Inca, one of the oldest wine cellars in Mallorca. This restaurant is located in Palma, making it an ideal choice for a meal after an afternoon and evening of exploring the city. The menu is large and unintimidating, though expect to spend approximately 20-40 € per person depending on your meal selection and whether or not you choose to order wine (do). Be sure to order coffee or espresso after dinner, too.


With a beautiful capital city located on the bay, this Spanish island offers much for tourists to see and do. Take a tour of Catedral de Palma de Mallorca, where beautiful artwork is housed beneath a classic and historic exterior. Visit the museum of esteemed artist Joan Miro (Fundacio Pilar i Joan Miro), who had familial ties to Mallorca. Stroll the city streets, shop, enjoy the open-air market, and walk along the water if the weather shines down on you.

The city of Palma is sure to delight and inspire on your next romantic couple’s getaway.

Hotel Illetas
Meson Ca’n Pedro
Celler Can Amer Inca
Catedral de Palma de Mallorca
Fundacio Pilar i Joan Miro