A Conversation Between the Father and Son on May 21, 2011

Ok, … so I had a little too much time on my hands Sunday (5-22-2011), and I decided to write a “humorous made-up conversation” between the Father and the Son on May 21st, 2011.

This is the first of “Father and Son” conversations that the “Big E” has come up with, … who knows if there will be anymore in the future!!



Father: Son, we’re going to have to change some plans I’ve made.

Son: What plans are those?

Father: Well, you know that one fellow on earth that predicted the start to the “end of the world”?

Son: Yeah, … you mean Harold Camping ?

Father: Yup, … well, he got lucky and he guessed the right day and time.

Son: He did?!?, … you gotta be kidding me, … you didn’t tell anybody did you? I thought that if you would have told anyone, you would have told me first, because I’m your “right-hand man”.

Father: No, no, no, … I didn’t tell anyone, … he just got lucky.

Son: So what are we going to do, because it is written that only the Father knows the time for which the Son of Man will return?

Father: I know what you mean, … we can’t make it look like Harold Camping had some insight into the day. So we’ll just have to cancel my plans (all the earthquakes, hurricanes, fire and brimstone, tornados, tsunamis, volcanos erupting, etc.), … and push it out a couple of years or so, … to a day that someone is not expecting and announcing the “End of the World” scenario.

Son: Ok, … I’ll get right on it.

. About a milli-second later.

Son: Ok, I was able to get with the heavenly hosts, and everything got put on hold, except for one thing, … Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano is still going to go off. The Prince of the Earth still had a good hold on that volcano, and we needed a little more advance notice to stop that one.

Father: Ah, that’s ok, it was time for it to go off anyhow, … so the folks on Earth won’t think there is anything unsual about that, even though it wasn’t expected.

Son: So, for your new date, you didn’t set it for December 21, 2012 , now did you?

Father: Now Son, … you know now, … only the Father is suppose to know this.

Son: I know, but a lot of people will be focused on the end of the Mayan calendar, with all of the planets aligning and everything, … and all of the predictions about how this could effect the Earth, etc.

Father: Uh, … oh yeah, … maybe it would be best to pick another date.


The End !! : o )