A Citizen of the United States Appeals to President Obama

President Obama, during the past two and a half years our country has experienced an incredible economic crisis, and I emphasize, Crisis. Your answer to the pain, which the citizens of the United States were experiencing, was to spend billions of our dollars to bail out the banking system, auto makers and others who were the root cause of our problems in the first place. No help for the citizens of the United States.

President Obama, we have also seen the passage of a health care program which we, as the people, do not agree with. Now, in our opinion, our once awful health care system is worse than ever.

President Obama, our border problems with Mexico are worsening by the minute and wars are breaking out on our borders. Many of our innocent citizens and border agents are dying each day. No help for the citizens of the United States.

President Obama, our National Debt, since you have taken office, has grown to historic proportions and continues to grow with each tick of the clock. No help for the citizens of the United States.

At the same time that the above problems were taking place, the price of oil has risen to an unacceptable level for the citizens of the United States to deal with.

So that I am extremely clear, here is a list of the priorities which this citizen of the United States expects your immediate attention.

1. I expect a balanced budget immediately and I expect this to happen without the threat of cutting services to the citizens of the United States. Instead, you should look toward areas such as the money which we send to foreign countries each year, waste with government contracts, suspend all government grants, the money wasted each year due to the size of the government, temporarily suspend NASA investments, clean up the rape of our Medicare system which the wonderful doctor’s of this country have corrupted, understand that when money is involved, theft occurs-clean up those areas. Why are we involved in Libya? Haven’t you heard, the United States of America is broke? Unless there is a world crisis which requires our country to defend and protect itself we have no business spending money in any other country whether it be aid or war.

2. This Citizen of the United States expects you to suspend any and all bailout programs and instead, use that money to create jobs which will solve our dependency on foreign oil once and for all. You have stated many times that the United States needs to move away from our dependence on oil and that this country should instead move toward clean and natural sources of energy. The time has come for you to act on those promises. Many citizens are standing by, ready and willing to seek employment in such industries and it seems as though any government investment in those areas would be a great investment for the country. Not only would the U.S. employment rate drop but the economy would begin to grow and our dependence on oil will disappear. Oh yes, by moving away from the use of fossil fuels, the many wars which this country is fighting will go away. The Muslim terrorists, whom we are constantly at war with, are very unhappy with the United States mainly because of our policies concerning foreign oil. Let’s leave the foreign oil alone and create our own energy. If Brazil can do it, the United States can do it.

3. The excessive prices which doctors charge their patients are two-fold. First off, insurance companies are willing to pay whatever a doctor decides. Second, doctors gouge our over stressed Medicare system with unfounded and over priced charges.

It seems that some sort of price scale should be in place for each doctor to follow. For instance, an office call should have an industry standard price. Heart surgery should have an industry standard price, no more and no less. By using this method, patients and insurance companies will have no surprises.

Here is an example of excessive overcharging. I once cut my hand and for three hours, could not stop the bleeding. It happened to be a holiday so I took myself to the emergency room. By the time I arrived at the emergency room, of course, the bleeding had stopped.

The nurse set me on a gurney and the doctor took a look at my cut and told the nurse to put a band aid on the cut an then I was released. I was only in the emergency room for fifteen minutes. When I received the bill, my total was $537. This is an outrageous example of excessive overcharging which takes place every day in this country and needs to be addressed. This is one of the problems with our health care system, gouging patients.

4. President Obama, our borders must be secured now! When our government was initially formed, the only purpose of the government was to protect our borders. Remember? It’s high time that these borders are secured and the steady flow of illegal immigrants is stopped.

President Obama, it is time for the United States government to listen to the citizens of the United States and to heed the requests of the majority. After all, a democracy should be ruled by the majority and not by elected officials.

An elected official’s job is to carry out the wishes of the majority and that is what I expect. Most times, common sense must prevail. We the people of the United States have begun a movement to find common sense politicians. You and every elected official needs to open your eyes, stop making foolish decisions and begin to apply common sense to the problems of our country.

By the way, I am a natural born citizen of the United States. How about you?

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