A Chocolate Biscuit Wedding Cake

Over the last 41 years I have consumed many slices of cake. Cake is my most favorite dessert, and it does not matter what type it is, as long as it is fresh and tasty. Having said this, I am surprised to learn about a “biscuit cake,” which apparently is eaten by Queen Elizabeth during her afternoon tea. Prince William has chosen this interesting sounding cake as part of his wedding cake when he marries Kate Middleton next month. A Biscuit Cake sounded intriguing, if not a bit bizarre.

Ok, now they have my attention. I had to do some research on the matter, because as the Cake Critic, I absolutely must have a slice of this cake. Since there are no bakeries in my area that carry this type of cake, I have no choice but to make it myself.

Upon finding the original recipe for this cake by the Royal Chef, Darren McGrady, I made the mistake of just reading the recipe. Later I came back to print it and it was gone! I remembered some of the ingredients-butter, dark chocolate, an egg, some kind of biscuits…but that wasn’t going to make the cake. According to Jenn Garby, a Thomas Nelson publicist ordered the removal of the original recipe from multiple websites to preserve the cake’s mystery this close to the wedding date. This situation left me annoyed that I did not print the page immediately, and more annoyed when I read that if I wanted the recipe I had to buy the book to get it. It’s not that I mind spending money on a cookbook; it’s that I am now forced to bow to the whims of the marketing industry to get a recipe I could have gotten for free a few hours earlier.

My search continued for this elusive recipe for the next several hours. I found a few of them, but none seemed good enough to feed to the Royal Couple on their wedding day, and others sounded delicious but did not look like cake, rather like brownies. Finally, I came across a recipe that might be very similar to the original, by Alison Ladman. Some of the ingredients were a challenge to find, but once I had them, I was ready to begin.

The mousse type of “cake” is not hard to make-it only takes around 30 minutes to prepare it. The rest of the time is refrigeration time (3 hours). The result? Wow! Very rich and delicious! This is a dessert fit for a king!