A Brief Overview of the Sedona Method – Using Questions to Release Trapped Emotions

Often, we as humans learn to suppress or express our emotions, instead of doing what’s natural, and letting them go. The Sedona Method is a series of techniques to help you relearn to let go of trapped emotions.

There are three things you can do with your emotions. You can suppress them, which doesn’t deal with them, and allows them to build up until they are forced out by the pressure. You can express them, which kind of deals with them, but isn’t always the best way to handle a situation, and can cause serious consequences for your personal or work life. And then, there’s the third option. Most people don’t talk about the third option, because it’s something we all forgot how to do as we transitioned from being young children to being “responsible” kids/teens/adults.

What is this third option? Letting go of the emotions. Emotions are meant to be instant feed-back mechanisms to tell you whether what you are observing or thinking in the moment matches with your inner intentions. If it does, you feel good. If it does not, you feel bad. Emotions are meant to be felt momentarily, and then forgotten, because they’re simply like GPS directions. If you feel bad, you change your thoughts, and you’ll feel good. Continuing to feel bad serves no real purpose. And when you’re feeling “kinda good”, that is meant to be temporary as well. When you point your mind more toward the desired, you get to feel better and better. Holding on to that “kinda good” doesn’t help anyone, even you.

So, how do you let go of your emotions?

It’s actually the most natural thing to do, but you’ve forgotten how through repeated suggestion, like “big girls/boys don’t cry”. The Sedona Method is a way to relearn to release held emotions, and although it is only one way to do that. It is just a good way to get back into the habit.

How does it work?

Well, the Sedona Method is, at its heart, just a quick series of questions you ask yourself, designed to teach you to feel, and then let go of the emotions.

The questions are as follows.

What is this emotion I’m feeling right now?

This question helps to identify what you are feeling, since we normally suppress so much that we feel that we don’t even realize that we’re feeling it. Sometimes, just acknowledging what you’re feeling is enough to let go of the emotional attachment to that feeling.

Could I allow myself to let go of this emotion?

This question simply helps the person to realize that it’s possible to release the emotion, even if they don’t want to or feel that they “should”.

Would I allow myself to let go of it?

This question probes a little deeper, asking if you are willing to let go of the emotion yet.


By this point, usually there’s at least a small level of release. This question asks when you will be willing to let go of the emotion.

At its heart, that’s all there is to the Sedona Method. There’s quite a lot more to it to learn, such as learning what you want to use it on to have the most effect, and a couple other high-level questions that I’m sure someone just starting to release their stored emotions doesn’t need to know quite yet.

The Sedona Method is not the only method to release, but it is a powerful method. As a tool for self-help, it is one of the best. Use it and see for yourself.