A Bridal Bouquet Fit for a Princess

The marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton was more than the social event of the century. It was also the wedding design event of the century. Kate’s style choices are already influencing brides-to be, just as Princess Diana’s choices created wedding trends that lasted for decades. While you may not have a budget equal to the royal family, you can still create wedding bouquets worthy of any princess.

The elegant, garden style bouquet carried by Kate provided the inspiration for this design- it- yourself wedding bouquet. During my 10+ years in the floral design business, I was fortunate to work alongside many talented and creative people. However, you don’t have to have years of experience to create a lovely bridal bouquet. You do need to open you imagination and seek out quality products to create a stunning bouquet. This doesn’t mean you must break the bank. It does mean you should take your time, explore various suppliers and compare types and brands of silk flowers. I recommend not using monochrome, plastic looking flowers in your bouquet. Look for flowers that have subtle shading and hints of other colors even if creating a traditional all white bouquet. Add touches of greenery to provide contrast and interest. In nature all white flowers are not the same shade. So don’t try to create a bouquet void of shading and variation.

In creating the silk bridal bouquet pictured in the article, I shopped at local craft and floral shops. My final cost was under $30.00. The style is versatile and allows much latitude in choice of color and variety of flowers. Remember, designing a bouquet relies on personal taste. There is not one correct formula or combination, so feel free to add touches that make the style your own.

Only a few items are needed to make the bridal bouquet pictured in this article. I used the following silk floral bushes, each comprised of 6-8 stems.
2 freesia
2 alstromeria
1 hydrangea
1 lily-of -the-valley
1 baby’s breath
1 variegated ivy
1 Boston fern
Other items needed are wire cutters, green floral stem wrap, and ivory tule

To begin, separate the stems of two floral bushes, but do not detach them. Using the green stem wrap, tape the two bushes tightly together to make a base

Using wire cutters, detach individual stems from the remaining bushes leaving any leaves attached. Keep the stems as long as possible

Tightly tape the individual stems to the base, allowing flowers space to move at slightly varying heights. This creates a lighter garden-like design. Continue adding flower stems until bouquet is the desired size. The pictured bouquet is approximately 14 inches long and has a diameter of approximately 20 inches. Add the greenery below the flower stems and tape very tightly with the stem wrap.

Finally, tie the tule around the taped stems as close to the base as possible. Wrap the stems with tule to cover over the stem wrap to give a finished look to the bouquet. Finish by tucking the loose end into the wrapped tule or leave long and flowing strips of tule if a more free formed look is desired.

These same steps can be used to create a variety of bridal, attendant and throw away bouquets. Have fun, experiment with colors and varieties of flowers, and create a bouquet worthy of any princess bride.