A Blank Page

Here I am. Sitting at this blank screen. Wondering what to write, looking for the perfect subject. I want to get the most views and be the best writer the world has ever seen. The problem with all of that is that it is all subjective. Some people will like how I write and some people will hate how I write. That’s how it’s been and that’s how it’s always going to be.

I like to create stories. In fact, I always have some fictitious story of my own design ready to be written down or reenacted for the umpteenth time. Sometimes I’ll make up a story and change my voice to fit each of the characters’ personalities. It probably looks really ridiculous to see a nineteen year old man talking to himself as he drives from place to place, but this is how I’ve always been.

It probably started when I was about ten years old and got my first Lego Bionicle toy. Me and my best friend back then would collect these Bionicles and make our own private armies that we would pit against each other making an epic story to get us through the days we hung out.

I know that this is probably not unique to only me, there are probably lots of people who spent their childhood with their heads in the clouds imagining a place more exciting to be; a place where being daring and bold won you victories and allies instead of grounded as in real life.

It’s gotten worse over the years. Around summer of 2009 I suffered from a heavy depression that I am still recovering from. High school had not been kind to me and I sought a form of escape. As a result I would randomly go into my “story mode” and assume the roles of my characters. I would talk like them, walk like them, and feel emotions like them. Call it what you will, I simply accepted it for what it was.

Now As I sit here on this couch tapping away at my laptop, I look outside at the stormy afternoon that this beautiful day had become. While you may see the rain and the mud, and the pond outside overflowing, I see all the wars that ever were; the water becomes blood and the silence echoes with shouts and screams. The scene changes I see eagles in flight, completely at the mercy of the winds that bear them desperately fleeing a thunderstorm.

See there I go again. My mind likes to wander while my body moves of its own accord. This is my first article I have written for Yahoo Associated content and it is more of an introduction to me and how I work. Here’s to future adventures that I plan to share with you guys.