A Barn Owl, the Mothman Legend and Global Hunger Relief

Last week I attended an earth day event at the College of Mount St. Joseph in Delhi, Ohio. The college’s Green Club was holding a fundraiser for the Delhi community garden. They agreed to donate some of the proceeds from the fundraiser to hunger relief in Afghanistan.

There was a special guest on hand from the Cincinnati Zoo: a barn owl. The barn owl has a reputation for great wisdom. He also may hold the answer to one of our longest running mysteries. In the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia there is a legend of half bird-half man creature called the Mothman. This creature is said to have terrorized residents of this town for decades.

There have been all kinds of theories as to what the Mothman really is. Some of that speculation has centered on the barn owl. In the dark of night, residents may have come upon a particularly large barn owl flapping his wings. Could this be the legendary monster? No one can ever be sure.

At the MSJ Earth Day event, the barn owl was asked about this Mothman connection. The owl would not comment though, citing advice from lawyers about discussing an ongoing investigation.

Part of the event proceeds went to the Aschiana Foundation to help feed street children in Afghanistan. Interestingly, just before this event the college also collected supplies for Japan’s earthquake recovery. What is the connection? Japan happens to be a major donor to hunger relief operations in Afghanistan. On the UN World Food Programme Afghanistan web page, Japan is listed as the 2nd highest donor so far in 2011.

However, Japan has been tackling their own disaster. Afghanistan continues to struggle with food security. The World Food Programme recently reported a 257 million dollar shortage in funding for 2011. If new funding is not found, it will lead to cuts in the school meals and child nutrition programs.

As long as Afghanistan suffers with hunger and poverty, there is no chance for peace, economic development and stability in that country. It’s clear where the emphasis needs to be going forward in Afghanistan. It starts with the basics of food, medicine, education and shelter and builds from these foundations.

There is a long road back for Afghans. U.S. Army members run a charity program called Operation CARE to help Afghans living in poverty. Captain Michelle Lunato writes , “when one considers that what Americans call war, has been daily life for the Afghan people for years.”

Thanks to the College of Mount of St. Joseph for sharing some of the proceeds from fundraisers on their campus during the academic year. This spring it was via the Green Club and last fall it was through the Psychology Club’s YWCA fundraiser . The amount raised, I estimate, was enough to provide well over 1000 meals to children in Afghanistan and Southern Sudan. In addition, there were funds raised for Edesia , a non-profit organization which produces life-saving plumpynut for children.

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