A Band-aid for the Pakistani Ego?

Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he’s seen evidence that senior leadership in Pakistan did not know Osama bin Laden was hiding there in advance of the U.S. military raid that took him out.

Given the way things have gone, it is impossible not to be skeptical of what was known, who knew it, and for how long. Our government has shown itself to be a master of funding and or propping up corruption, then playing ignorant when the fit hits the shan, so it is the usual bit of fun karma then watching our government get caught in its own gears. Again. Like none of us saw it coming.

That skepticism is awfully infectious, as especially with an election cycle on the horizon. With some legislators wanting something resembling some answers before they continue dumping buckets of cash on Pakistan, it was less than surprising that Gates and Joint Chiefs chairman Adm. Mike Mullen both called for the U.S. to continue providing aid and assistance.

Yep, can’t wait to see some GAO report a couple of years down the road saying how little oversight there was over the gazillion dollars our government will have wasted on our behalf.

Adm. Mullen had to take the cake, as he said Pakistan’s military image has been “tarnished” by the raid, and that the military should be given some time to deal with the “soul searching” currently underway.

Dare I say, if General Patton were still alive, he’d no doubt rise from his wheelchair and bitchslap Mullen half out of his dress whites. If I were aware the Pakistani military even had an image, I sure as hell didn’t know it, and if I may be so bold, a tarnish on the Pakistani is like seeing a fresh kernel of corn in a turd. No matter how normal that kernel looks, the simple fact is it’s surrounded by shit.

Soul searching ? Fucking really? We need to give them some time ? What kind of mealy-mouth, soft foam therapy bat nonsense is this? Is Dr. Phil helping call the shots behind the scenes at the Pentagon?

At the very least, if Pakistan did not know anything, then they should damned well be embarrassed, as they suffered a massive, epic, total and flat-out failure of their own internal intelligence infrastructure. I’m sure that when all the information seized is examined and broken down and all that, our government will get the answers they deem fit to share with the rest of us. Either that, or they will wait until fifty years from now to declassify everything, when there is even less that could be done, if someone in Washington has any balls fifty years in the future. Lord knows there is a definite shortage in that town at the moment.

So, if Pakistan needs a hug, tell them to look elsewhere. If they need a band-aid for their ego, band-aids are a dollar a box, and I’m pretty sure we have given them enough to cover that tab.