A Baby is Born ‘Bones’ Season 6 Finale, What is Next?

We have a baby, that’s right on “Bones” ‘” Season Finale ‘” “The Change in the Game.” Little ”¹…”Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins’ has made it into the world of “Bones.”

Spending the night at a bowling alley investigating the death of Jeff, lead bowler of the Thunderballs, Booth and Brennan play their parts well. Max, Brennan’s father, is a member of the team and is all for Booth taking his place on the league. Max fell from bed and is wheel chair bound, no jokes come forth in this episode; however, the future is another story when it comes to Max.

The finale of “Bones” leaves fans open to the future and what it may hold for us all. Brennan has changed a great deal this season and seems to have morphed into an almost human entity on the show. Clearly the love she feels for Booth has come to the forefront of the show in all the episodes of season 6. Booth has always carried his love for “Bones” on the outside and we have all known from the beginning how he feels towards Brennan.

All the characters have grown a lot throughout season 6; we have Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) having appeared to be just a plain guy morph into the moneyman behind the Smithsonian. Also his growth through the on and off relationship with Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin), fans have felt the love, tension, pain, and fear throughout their growth. Tears fell in this Season 6 Finale when the mother and father shed tears at baby Michael’s birth. His future life on the show “Bones” shall be something fans are going to look forward to.

The end game came when Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) shares with Booth her feelings on the birth of Michael and the changes that Hodgins and Angela will have to go through having a baby in their life. Ending the conversation with, “I am pregnant and the baby is yours” leads fans on a wild ride for Season 7 of “Bones.” I for one am very interested in how the spark between the two will be played out in the future episodes. It may be difficult to keep the spark running as strongly as it has in the past, however, I have faith in the writers, and producers that they will be able to pull this entire life cycle off for “Bones.” I think fans will enjoy the future of the show, the new beginnings of a baby born, a baby on the way, a strong love, a new love, and all that surrounds the members of the team appearing in “Bones.”


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