9/11 Anniversary to Get Even Larger After Bin Laden’s Death

The 9/11 anniversary isn’t that far off. In fact, this fall’s 10-year milestone stands to be the biggest anniversary yet. But memories and recollections are already being exhausted right now, since Osama bin Laden was finally declared dead last night.

This Sept. 11 was already going to be a long day of painful memories and massive coverage of the infamous day. But now that it will be the first 9/11 following bin Laden’s death, it stands to take an even more surreal turn.

The wounds of what bin Laden and his followers carried out in 2001 have never fully healed, even if America sometimes puts it aside. As it resulted in a decade of war and national turmoil, the consequences of that day have never really gone away. But the memories and wounds are opened again every anniversary, and every special occasion that serves as a reminder of the terror.

However, the news that bin Laden was dead was perhaps the most positive segue into 9/11 memories. It also inspired obvious questions as to whether there is closure now, and whether a big step was taken toward moving on. Yet, given all that’s happened after 2001, it might be a tall order.

Still, all the headlines and coverage will serve as an early preview for the upcoming anniversary, although even it might not be as big as this. But if bin Laden was ever going to actually be caught or killed at last, it may be fitting that it finally came this year, of all years.

After this Sept. 11, 9/11 may not inspire this kind of recollection for a long time. Now that bin Laden is gone, there won’t be many more occasions to mark his attacks, other than anniversaries – and the next big ones will come every five years. But if those are the only times when that tragic day has to inspire massive memories, then it at least means nothing else has gone wrong; the most positive excuse to honor that day has been used up already.

There is still the official 9/11 memorial, which is scheduled to be dedicated on this year’s anniversary. In addition, there’s always the chance that something will actually be built on Ground Zero, despite the long delay.

Yet if bin Laden could be killed so soon before the 10-year memorial service, perhaps a new building on Ground Zero will be ready before the 20-year service. After all, last night’s actions did prove that not every long-awaited event has to never happen, and can even have fitting timing when it does.


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