9 Tips for Living a Longer and Healthier Life

Want to extend your life expectancy? Interested in living a longer life? How about living a longer and fuller life? Extending the time that you spend in mortal existence on this spinning wheel looking to let you off requires a commitment to making lifestyle changes. Keep in mind that the secrets to living a longer life are such that by definition you will live a healthier life. As for a happier life? Well, that’s where it all falls down, isn’t it?

Quit Getting Angry
John Lydon, the former Johnny Rotten, once informed us through song that anger is an energy. Energy anger may be, but it is definitely not an emotion that will help you to live longer. If you want to extend your life expectancy, you should learn how to deal with anger better. Take an anger management course or just get yourself away from those things in life that are making you so mad.

Seek Cleaner Air
One of the secrets to living a longer life is to get away from any place where the air quality is bad. This means moving away from highly polluted air such as you would find in Los Angeles. Smog must go. This advice on extending life expectancy also extends to your living spaces. Make sure you change the air filter on your air conditioner regularly to improve the quality of air inside the home. Get rid of mold and avoid cooking foods that produce unhealthy smoke.

Maintain Proper Blood Pressure
Get to know the numbers that a nurse gives you when taking your blood pressure. Here is a general rule of thumb for living longer: if the top number exceeds 160and the bottom number exceeds 95, you are headed for a grave or urn much quicker than needs be. Make changes in diet and start a healthy exercise program so that you attain a sitting blood pressure somewhere around 140 over 90. The closer you can get to those figures, the more years you may add to your life expectancy.

Control Cholesterol
Cholesterol can kill you or it can actually help you to last longer. You want to take a look at your cholesterol level figures and if your reading is above 240 or your HDL cholesterol is less than 29, you will want to make some significant changes in your way of life. On the other hand, if you can get that HDL cholesterol figure up above 45, you just might be able to add some years in your effort to life longer.

Quit Smoking
Duh! If living longer isn’t an adequate motive for giving up tobacco, then how about this for a kick in the pants. Every dollar you spend on a pack of cigarettes or a tin of chaw puts another Mercedes in the garage of rich, fat white liars who are laughing at you for still buying the product they sell to you with full knowledge that with each purchase you inch just that much closer to an ugly death.

If you don’t get much of any aerobic exercise at all, shave off several years from your contemplation of living a long life. You can potentially add six months to a year to your life expectancy based on how often you get at least 30 minutes of hardcore aerobic exercise a week. Twice a week may grant you an extra year whereas five times a week may mean as much as a decade attached to your life expectancy.

Lose or Gain Weight
Strive for the ideal weight for your height and body type. Being more than 20 pounds overweight can rob you of many precious years of mortality. But so can being 20 pounds too skinny. Avoid the extremes of weight and focus on moderation. Maintaining your ideal weight could actually result in an addition to your life expectancy.

Supplement with Vitamins
The food that many people eat isn’t really enough to provide all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need for the best possible life you can life. While getting vitamins via food should be the goal, it’s simply not feasible for many. Taking a multivitamin daily that at least contains Vitamins A, E, C and a complex of B as well as zinc, selenium and calcium has the potential to add years of healthy living to your journey through life. Avoiding this advice can make you much more susceptible to illness, disease and generally unimpressive well being. That can translate not only into a less than satisfying enjoyment of life, but a shorter life as well.

Reduce Stress
Stress can kill. It is as simple as that. Be ruthless in locating the causes of stress in your life and kick to the curb any causes that you can do without. When it comes to stress you can’t rid yourself of entirely, try to figure out what elements of those stressors are most in play and try to either avoid or reduce the effect they have on limiting your life expectancy.