9 Summer Party Albums and 1 to Send Folks Out

We all want our Summer parties to go well. We want the pool comfortable, the wind dead and the bbq hot. With the right music you can make sure your Summer parties are the ones everybody looks forward to next season. Anybody can go buy “That’s What I Call Music 6,784” or put on the local top 40 radio station, but no one wants to hear commercials with their hamburger and no one is gonna be excited to hear the hits from three months ago. Now you can impress your friends with your fun and interesting taste in music.

And now, in the order I thought them up in…

1. Get Wet – Andrew WK

This album absolutely commands that a party be started RIGHT NOW. There is no questioning. Where ever you are, and whatever you have around you must immediately be turned to the act of PARTYING! Loud guitars, happy piano riffs and bouncy drums make this a fun album for anybody, despite their musical proclivities.

2. Hoarse – 16 Horsepower

This live album has energy and balls to spare. The guitars are loud and the rhythms are the kind of off kilter choppy that gets drunk white people dancing. Think of it as a Tom Waits album that knows how to party.

3. Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skins – O’Death

This is fun with banjo and stand up bass to the fore. There’s plenty of awesome fiddle playing as well. Who doesn’t like fiddle playing? If you like Mumford and Sons, but also like having fun, this is a damn good album for you and your party.

4. Calvary – Los Duggans

All the energy of punk with all the fun of banjo and washtub bass. Say what you want about hillbillies, but they know how to have a good time. “Tigris River Blues” is an amazing track with double kick and banjo screaming away with an Egytian feel to boot.

5. Black & White – Cafe R&B

This high energy party blues belted out by a woman named Roach. Her voice is one of the most powerful, and overlooked in modern music. Ideally one would have a firepit to go along with that pool and bbq.

6. Weird Revolution – Butthole Surfers

You might not want to tell folks the name of the band if your company is too polite, but this is a fun and goofy album from a band that used to be genuinely frightening. The lyrics are silly, but the beats are fun. One of the songs is even co-written by Kid Rock, which is a positive, I promise.

7. You’ll Rebel to Anything – Mindless Self Indulgence

This is like running Andrew WK through a helium filled blender. With a version of “Tom Sawyer” that lasts less than two and a half minutes, and misses nothing, and couplets like, “I like my coffee back just like my metal,” this is an album the whole party can talk about while they dance.

8. Dirty Side Down – Widespread Panic

This is one for when the booze has overtaken the energy to dance, and another one for the firepit. Jazz, blues and rock beats all get dropped into a tasty, tasty stew. A few of their other albums are probably just as good, but why not have the best and the shiniest.

9. You, the Night and the Music – Gallon Drunk

This album is like a wild night out all on its own, complete with car noises, jungle drumming and a piano drenched in mud. It careens around corners and slides down dirty back alleys like an old Buick with a drunk at the wheel. The album cover also has a very cute motorcycle riding duck!

10. Xenosapien – Cephalic Carnage

As promised this is the album to clear the party out with. If your friends enjoyed my first nine suggestions then this one will almost certainly get them moving. If their tastes lean more towards the usual top 40 then I can guarantee it will clear them out. This is ferociously technical grindcore that’s as likely to drop into pounding sludge or stupid fast jazz riffing. Believe me, all but the staunchest metalheads will feel assaulted and abused and they’ll be on the way out the door before the third song, which is called “Molting” by the way.

I think these choices should keep your party interesting and lively, and then, when it’s time to clear out, you can hit them with the old loud/fast and get them to their cars.