9 Steps on How to Find a Job in Computer Programming in Washington, D.C

Step 1 – Create a Professional Resume.

Resumes for computer programmers do not look the same as for project managers. Make sure and include a section that includes all of the software tools you have used. Include all of the different languages and operating systems you have worked on. For each job, take the time to list all of the different languages, operating systems used at each company. List all of the types of projects you have worked on. For example medical billing or contact management system. The more information about yourself will help the hiring manager get a feel for who you are and what you know.

Step 2 – Post your resume

Make sure and post your resume on all of the top job search sites. This is where the recruiters and hiring managers go to find employees. Make sure you fill out as many fields as you can when signing up for these services. Once again this will help the hiring manager get a better feel for you and who you are.

Step 3 – Make you Name Known

A good reputation is very useful. Start a blog only if you have time to make at least weekly posts. Just because you have, a blog will not make it a useful one. Answer questions and solve problems in your posts. Test any code you post before posting. You want to have code that works on your blog. It would be hard to overcome bad code on your blog.

Step 4 – Create a Website about Your Knowledge

One wants to make oneself respected. Create a website about you and the programming jobs and tasks you have done. Do not brag. Post questions and then post the answers showing you can problem solve.

Step 5 – Help Others

Join Forums and Answer Questions. This will get you known as the person who knows the answer when you have a programming problem. Get a reputation as a person who knows how to solve problems.

Step 6 – Network with Friends and Foes

Talk to anyone about the jobs you are looking to get. You never know whom you might find that has an opening or knows someone who does. Get their email and phone numbers so you can get back with them. When you do get a job, become everyone’s friend. Get there personal email address and phone number. Give them yours and tell them if they ever need a job to give you a call. You will help them find a job.

Step 7 – Make a List of Companies

Make a list of companies that you has jobs you would like. Get their website and phone number. Keep an eye on their careers page. Get to know people who work there.

Step 8 – Take the Interview

Study questions you will be asked. Research the internet. Ask anyone who has a job like the one you want. Practice answering interview questions with a friend. Check out 10 Common mistakes made in a job interview and while preparing for interviews read articles like 5 Questions to ask during an interview

Step 9
– Go to Job Fairs

Go to any job fair and bring several copies of your resume as well as a business card. Give every company a copy of your resume and business card. You just never know who might have a job or a friend who is looking for someone just like you.