8 Ways to Save Money at Rite Aid

Do you avoid shopping at drugstores for anything other than the pharmacy? Think it’s too expensive? Think again!

Rite Aid is a leading national drugstore chain and one of the best places to save money on household goods, toiletries, personal care and health items. When you learn how to shop wisely and save money at Rite Aid, you’ll be spending less at this drugstore than you would at the corner dollar store.

The following are the top eight ways to save money at Rite Aid.

1. Sign up for a Wellness card

When your cashier asks if you have a Wellness card, do you shrug it off with a “no”? If so, you’ve already missed out on tons of savings.

The Wellness program is Rite Aid’s store rewards program that offers incentives, savings and a member card to those who sign up. When you present your Wellness card at checkout, you can take advantage of the weekly sale prices. Your card tracks your purchases, accumulating points, which then give bonuses such as 10 percent or 20 percent off shopping passes. Learn more about the Wellness program and sign up for a card here at the Rite Aid Wellness page.

2. Use coupons

Rite Aid is the most coupon-friendly of the national drugstores. If you learn to clip coupons and pair them with weekly sales, you can save a tremendous amount of money on everyday items. As a bonus, manufacturer coupons can be combined with in-store coupons (available online or in the circular) for additional savings.

3. Collect UP rewards

UP rewards are the major draw for loyal Rite Aid shoppers. UPs are like gift cards that print out on your receipt upon checkout based on items purchased during your transaction. UPs may be used like cash on your next order, but they have an expiration date. Be sure to check the fine print of UP deals because some offers are limited (two offers per household, for instance).

Each week, there are new UP specials. For instance, you may see: Buy one candy bar for 88 cents, get an 88-cent UP reward. Essentially, you’ve bought a “free”candy bar.

You can also make money with UP rewards. Let’s say Crest toothpaste is $2.99 with a $2.99 UP reward. If you use a $1 Crest manufacturer’s coupon, you’ll pay $1.99 but gain a $2.99 UP. This means you’ve made a dollar on that purchase.

The best way to save money at Rite Aid is to collect UP rewards and use them to buy items that produce more UP rewards. This way, you’re barely spending any money out-of-pocket.

4. Collect SCRs

SCR means “Single Check Rebate.” Rather than cutting UPC codes and sending forms through snail mail, Rite Aid makes it easy to collect rebates.

When you purchase an item with an SCR, enter the receipt information on the website. Request a check to be mailed, or wait and group several rebates on the same check. When your check is received, cash it or bring to Rite Aid to use like a gift card.

5. Watch the Video Values

Rite Aid has a Video Values website known as Ad Perks. Each month, the values change, giving you opportunities to save money on many different items.

Simply go to Rite Aid’s Video Values page, sign in and watch short commercials. After watching a video, enter a code. You can then print store coupons right from your computer. These can be combined with manufacturer’s coupons and are often for items that go on sale soon. These are great ways to save money on toilet paper, convenience foods, health and beauty items and other products.

6. Find a Rite Aid savings blog

There are some great online blogs and forums where loyal shoppers match up weekly sales with coupons, giving step-by-step shopping lists. Check out TheKrazyCouponLady, A Full Cup and I Heart Rite Aid for some helpful sites.

7. Survey coupons

Have you looked at the bottom of your Rite Aid receipt lately? Stores have been printing survey invitations on checkout receipts. When you go to www.riteaid.com/storesurvey, provide your receipt code and fill out the survey. You can print a coupon for $3 off your next purchase of $15 or more.

8. Check clearance racks

Another great way to save money at Rite Aid is to peruse the clearance racks. Typically, the drug store has three endcaps near the back of the store full of discounted items. As well as being marked down, you can use coupons (and receive UPs) on these items.

If you aren’t convinced yet, Rite Aid is one of the best stores – drugstore or not – to save a tremendous amount on your shopping bill. Once you learn how to save money at Rite Aid, you’ll be paying less than you ever could have dreamed for personal care, health care, seasonal and household items.

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