8 Ways to Find Cheap Art and Craft Supplies

Whether you’re a crafter, artist, parent or teacher, stocking up on art and craft supplies can be expensive. Even “trying out” a new craft – like scrapbooking or cake decorating – can burn a hole in your pocket from all the items you must first purchase.

If a tight budget keeps you from experimenting, then reconsider. If you know where to look, stocking up your studio doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The following are eight ways to find cheap art and craft supplies.

1. Purchase destashes

When crafters destash, many bulk their unused supplies together to sell online. Check Ebay and Etsy for destashed supplies; you can often find jackpots of buttons, paint, paper, beads and yarn.

2. Be a thrifty shopper

Many garage sales offer cake-decorating supplies, stencils, bulk fabric, picture frames and other items for a fraction of the cost (try bartering!). Also, buy cheap thrift store clothing to use for sewing projects.

3. Shop off-season

Our favorite craft store offers deeply-discounted sales to clear out extra holiday and seasonal merchandise. Often, these sales take 75-90% off the original price, resulting in extremely cheap supplies.

4. Collect leftovers

Some materials – like newspapers, cardboard and wood – are always needed. Check with local businesses, printers and home improvement stores to ask for their leftovers.

5. Search clearance racks

Many retailers have clearance and discontinued shelves. Our favorite craft store often has polymer clay and beads there for 50 cents. This can be a great year-round way to find cheap art and craft supplies.

6. Research companies online

Research the websites, Twitter and Facebook pages of art and craft supply brands. They may offer promotions, like Bic, which issued a printable coupon for its fans.

7. Use coupons

Regularly check Coupons.com for office supply coupons. Also, try shopping at non-traditional retailers; sometimes, using a coupon at WalMart can buy supplies cheaper than at a craft store. Staples frequently offers free copy paper deals, when you print a coupon online.

8. Shop back-to-school sales

Big retailers, such as KMart and Office Max, have cheap deals on art and craft supplies during their back-to-school sales. This is a great time to stock up on cheap glue, paper and other essentials.

Art materials don’t have to cost a fortune, if you know where to look! After learning these eight ways to find cheap art and craft supplies, you’ll be able to stock your studio for less.

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