8 Things Not to Do on a First Date

Dating can be pretty nerve wracking for both men and women which is why it can be easy to make certain mistakes on dates. Mistakes such as stumbling over your words, stuttering or mispronouncing your date’s name are all common mistakes and easy to brush off. However, there are some mistakes that you definitely want to avoid making on a first date because making them could scare your date off.

1. Never give your life story on the first date. Your date does not need to know about your debt, your past relationships, your doctor’s appointment, your failures and regrets. These types of topics are heavy topics and you do not want to treat your first date as a therapy session. This type of talk is great talk later down the road when the two of you are much closer and have been together for awhile.

2. Never talk about your ex on the first date. There is one exception to this rule, if you are asked about your ex then you should answer but you should never start right out talking about your ex. Talking about your ex without being asked will make the guy or female think that you are not over your ex. This can be a major turn off for many individuals because it makes them seem as though the person they are on the date with is on the rebound.

3. Avoid using sarcasm. Some people like sarcasm and others don’t. People who are more sensitive than others will take sarcasm bitterly. It will hurt them. So it is best to try and bite your tongue whenever you feel the urge to be sarcastic.

4. Avoid making unsavory comments that will make your date feel uncomfortable. For instance, if your date is a woman and she looks very attractive in her outfit don’t say to her your body is making me hot. You need to interact with her in a respectful manner no matter how attractive she looks. If your date is a male you should also use discretion when making comments. Some guys like a flirtatious woman while others are very bothered by women who flirt.

5. Don’t forget to mention that you have kids. This is a heavy topic but you should be very honest on your first date. If you have a family (kids) then you should mention so. Some people do not like “package deals” so if you are upfront with your date from the beginning things should run more smoothly.

6. Avoid constantly talking. Chatterboxes can be extremely annoying. If you talk nonstop your date might view you as arrogant and conceited. Don’t make the date all about you. Take a breather and ask your date questions. Get to know him or her.

7. Avoid engaging in disgusting (personal) habits such as ear picking, passing gas, burping out loud, nose picking, scratching hair and brushing flakes off of your clothing. If you have to do any of the above mentioned you should excuse yourself and find a bathroom.

8. Lastly never lie. Lying is never a good way to start off when meeting someone that you like. The old adage goes once a liar always a liar so be honest even if it is embarrassing. Your date will respect you more if you are honest.