8 Reasons Why We Enroll Our Children to Summer Class

There are a lot of advantages why we allow our children to go to summer classes. The educational system will depend upon the styles that cater to the needs of students, and the school administrators and teachers themselves who can offer quality of education to those students who also want to take up summer class for their own advantage. As a matter of fact, education in any place of the world regardless of cultures and beliefs may vary from curriculum offerings, but the universal outcome is to offer quality of education for the masses in order for them to be productive propagators of knowledge acquired through education.

Education is very important to all of us. It is the same as the summer class which gives an advantageous learning to the students. And the students must prioritize their study, not to focus on other things that bother them every now and then like relationship, playing computer-games, etc. because learning in school is their weapon to come by their dreams in the future. Having obtained high grades helps them land a job easily without hassles. The rationale is that the manager of an institution that you are going to apply someday wants to see your grades first before they let you get hired and be part of the team. So, getting high grades can help you gauge your intellectual prowess among the other applicants. Summer class is a great advantage to secure your future grades because it helps you learn in advance of all the lessons, whatever topics that you may get from the regular classes. As the saying goes, “Education is the key to success.” Here are some 8 top reasons why we enroll our children to summer class:

1. Lessons will be taught in advance . There is a benefit of learning in advance because the lessons that you have not learned from regular classes will be taught in summer classes. All the enrollees will have the chance to learn at their own pace and advantage. The teachers will do their best to offer everything so that the students will have their advanced knowledge of the lessons being taught to them by the teachers, regardless of subjects. The more you attend the classes the more you learn the lessons with lots of exercises and reinforcement activities. That’s why other parents want their children to go to school because of educational benefits that they might get from attending summer classes.

2. Continuous learning is well-defined for future studies . Sound principles of continuous learning are formulated from carefully observed facts or objectively gauged outcomes which are common to a series of similar experiences; as such, the learners must be carefully differentiated from the assumptions of so-called well-defined armchair philosophy for future studies which are made up largely of purely theoretical principles not based on experience, reality, investigation or experimentation. Learning is the core for progress, and it paves the way for future studies through vital installation of inventions and breakthroughs leading for the intellectual amelioration of students and progress of one’s country. Through this fundamental core, the students will be given an opportunity to express what they stand for and what they learn based on advanced program. Only the summer class can put the skepticism to reality, wherein everyone gets prepared about the lined-up topics to be learned in the future.

3. Meeting with new faces – introducing and establishing rapport with one another . There are new faces (classmates from other schools) you can encounter during summer classes. In the first day of meeting, the teacher will commence by introducing himself about educational attainment, family background, etc. and the rest will follow. Self-introduction is very important. It will guide you to know further with one another – your family background, your previous school, your age, residence and ambition in life. Establishing rapport will take center stage along with the ongoing introduction. All the students will attempt to establish harmonious relationships as the classes continue until they finish learning for the entire duration of study. Likewise, it’s one way to gain more friends with a new learning experience.

4. Expressing one’s talent and creativity inside the classroom . Students will learn how to be creative in everything they do. The application of knowledge doesn’t mean it only happens inside the classroom, but also it gives an advantage outside of the school premises, especially at home. If the students have the talents, the multiple intelligences of Dr. Howard Gardner will apply. The teacher will check what appropriate intelligences that the students may excel in order for them to harness their talents and skills. Summer class will bring hopes to students who can expose their talents with utmost confidence to the best ability they can achieve … everything will be learned through step-by-step learning and expressing one’s ideas regarding their hidden potentialities must be given full support during summer classes.

5. Scholarship grants, discounts of matriculation fees and other privileges . Most of the schools offer scholarship grants to the poor but deserving students. Others will give slashed discounts (20% to 50%) if you attend their enhancement classes, even though you pass their entrance tests. The school administrators will also offer some privileges once the students have complied with all the requirements in order for them to qualify as academic entrants to their school and eventually pass the tests to avail of scholarship programs. Again, the situations will vary from one country to another country. But, most of the schools resort to such scholarship offerings for the benefits of students who want to study in their school.

6. If there are failing grades, summer class allows students to make up core subjects in order to get passed . If the students fail in their subjects, they have the chance of enrolling and getting passed once they have opted to enroll summer class programs. It’s one way for them to join for next year regular classes without failing grades. The teachers with different subjects will help the students learn the lessons and get passed so that they may enroll with advanced subjects without failing grades. Those students who passed all the subjects, don’t think that summer classes are intended only for the students with failing grades, there are other reasons why they have to pursue with their studies and enroll summer classes.

7. Boosting the student’s morale and self-esteem and raising his or her academic expectations . Academic expectations are a must for the students to gauge according to their interests, morale and even individual self-esteem. To boost one’s morale gives a home court advantage like trying to adapt to new things and learning ambiance that suit to their scholarly needs. Summer class will serve as a conduit for the students to be fully aware of the possibilities in learning advanced lessons for their future use. The teacher must regard each student not as a passive recipient of the wisdom of the ages but as an active, thinking, feeling human being who needs to be stimulated, directed, and guided towards the realization of all his inherent potentialities. The teacher must find ways and means and utilize the innate tendencies as drives for school work and as stimuli for learning.

8. Catering to students’ needs with individualized and advantageous instructions . It is expected 100% that most schools will give utmost priority and consideration with regard to student’s individualized and advantageous instructions. It paves the way for evaluating the effectiveness of the instructional procedure which has been done in terms of the established aims of the school. The individualized instruction should provide for proper evaluation of success per student in the realization of the aims or objectives. Intelligent teaching requires such evaluation, and the instructional scheme should indicate clearly what is to be evaluated at the end of the summer class’ unit. It can’t be denied that teaching per subject is not effective if the students inside the classroom are fully packed or too crowded, not conducive anymore to learning. It’s only in the summer class that the students will be guided with proper but advanced lessons and with one-on-one teaching by the subject teacher concerned.

Furthermore, the above-8 reasons give emphasis to the importance of education which can be offered during summer classes. It’s cool to be in school because it gives a lot of advantages not only on the part of students but also on the part of teachers. Being in school, especially during summer classes, deals with growth and development of learning. Whether we like it or not, the advantage of going to school is highly manifested on the zeal concerning the student’s learning and teacher’s interest to impart knowledge to the students.