8 Must-Have Cabinet Trends for the Kitchen

Before you remodel or makeover your kitchen, take a look at the newest cabinet trends. Style, sustainable materials, and storage are three of the hottest additions to the kitchen design. We’ll discuss what consumers want most from their kitchen cabinets and how to get the look in your own home.

Two-toned kitchen cabinets
– I’ll admit to being skeptical in regards two-toned cabinetry, but after seeing it installed I can see why it is one of the most popular cabinet trends of this year. This look can be achieved by either using two different colored cabinets on the base and wall cabinets, or by using one color on the cabinets and a different one for the island in the kitchen design.

Eco-friendly materials – More and more consumers are environmentally conscious and want to use eco-friendly materials anywhere they possibly can. This includes the kitchen. For several years now, eco-friendly materials have been of the hottest cabinet trends for the kitchen. This includes using renewable materials for cabinets and countertops, adding recycling centers to the kitchen design, and much more. Get more information on eco-friendly products for the home.

Staggered cabinet height – One of our favorite new cabinet trends is the use of varied height cabinets in the same space. Shorter cabinets can be used directly over the cook top and sink, while longer ones can be installed everywhere else. This will help open up the room and give it a sense of style.

Varied cabinet depth – To design a kitchen that will have dimension and character, consider mixing up the depth of your kitchen cabinets, as well. Place shorter, deeper cabinets over the cook top, sink, and work areas, and use shallow, longer cabinets elsewhere.

Architectural elements – Consumers want more from their kitchens than a place to cook their meals and store their food. They also want it to be an extension of who they are. Because of this, one of the most popular cabinet trends is the use of decorative architectural elements, such as molding, fretwork, balusters, footed cabinets, and additional freestanding fixtures. These small extras make a stylish impression!

Alternative storage – Storage is an essential component to any well-designed kitchen, and finding decorative ways to include it in the kitchen design is easy. Drawer-like baskets, built-in canister drawers, sliding pot and pan racks, appliance garages, and much more can be used to keep the kitchen organized and neat. Find out more about space saving cabinet accessories.

Decorative hardware – The hardware attached to the kitchen cabinets can literally make or break the room. Consumers are aware of their importance and see decorative drawer knobs and pulls as part of their kitchen design. Those made of recycled materials are in especially high demand.

Display space – Virtually everyone has something they cherish and collect, and consumers want somewhere to showcase these items in the kitchen. Whether it’s corner shelving, built-in end shelves, or open over-cabinet space, display areas are one of the most sought-after cabinet trends of today. These small open spaces help break up the kitchen and give buyers a place to show off their favorite glass vases, decorative plates, plants, or other small collectibles.

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