8 Kid-Friendly Retauraunts in the Phoenix Area

Ground Control
Ground Control in Goodyear is a great restaurant that serves up galato (just call it ice cream and the kids will be happy), coffee, and even wine and beer for those days when you need to take the edge off of parenting. During the day this wine and coffee bar is packed with kids because it is an excellent spot to bring your kids. There is a play-set in the corner, and a huge salt water fish tank to amuse junior. The coffee drinks and pastries are comparable in price to Starbucks, sans the huge corporation attached. On Tuesdays if both mom and dad both come you can split a wine tasting flight for $12 and a delicious cheese and fruit platter $13 and the kids can get a grilled cheese and chips for $4. That isn’t any more expensive than most casual diners and it is a definite upgrade.

Kreative Kupcakes
Cupcakes, pies, and cheesecake’s to die for all with a tab that is not any pricier than your typical chain burger joint. Speaking of burgers their grilled onion and mushrooms is one of the best burgers in town. The owners are very friendly and will turn the flat screen TV over to kiddie cartoons upon request.

Karen’s Kreamery at the Surprise Recreation Facility
For four bucks you can get a heaping scoop of delicious ice cream. Then you can enjoy a game of baseball at the beautiful state-of-the-art stadium. Or take a quick walk to the nearby park. What’s not to like about that? Ice cream and a chance for the adults to walk off their calories while the kids can burn off the sugary energy burst which inevitably follows consuming ice cream.

Sweethearts Gourmet Donuts
In the far north valley in the Anthem community are some great donuts for less than a buck each. Yup, that’s what you pay for the prepackaged stuff in the grocery store. Bring the kids for a sugary and fattening breakfast, that is great for a treat but shouldn’t be eaten every day. Hot fresh baked donuts is something all food eaters should be able to agree about.

Ed’s Fish and Chips
With the kind of retro arcade games mom and dad grew up playing Ed’s fish and chips offers dive food that is simple and filling. There are some some what exotic seafood options for mom and dad like salmon and chips or fried clams, and burgers for the kids. The prices are also low and will not bust your budget. Try the fried Zucchini and leave happy, even vegetable phobic kids are likely to enjoy the appetizer.

Matt’s Big Breakfast
Featured on Food Network this hopping spot is affordable and everything is made from scratch. Their pancakes are light and fluffy, and their meat is locally sourced, and the eggs are cage free. Kids of all ages will devour the delicious warm pancakes. This place is busy so anticipate a line, call ahead and check on the wait-time. Pick a time with a short wait so the kids aren’t fidgety and frustrated with the wait. They’ll love the pancakes, and you’ll appreciate the reasonable prices.

TJ’s Home-style Cafe
Fresh /baked biscuits every morning, great big hamburgers and a mean bowl of chili for lunch. This Avondale restaurant is one of the Phoenix area’s best kept secrets. Find residents who wear cowboy hats and remember the metropolitan area from the days of farmers and cowboys. Enjoy the setting, good service, and great food. Try the wonderful cinnamon rolls if you get there early enough, but they have a tendency to sell out.

Eddie’s House
Even the name “Eddie’s House” is kid friendly. It sounds like the house across the street where you’d go to play games as a child. With a menu that is both affordable and kid friendly while providing creative plates for the adults. All parties involved will leave happy.