8 Family Restaurants in Pittsburgh That Won’t Break the Bank

Even in tough economic times, it’s possible to eat out once in a while without resorting to fast food. Here are eight good choices, in no particular order, if you’re looking for somewhere your family can eat inexpensively in and around Pittsburgh.

Square Café: Located right on the bus line in Pittsburgh’s Eastern suburbs in the Braddock Avenue shopping district called Regent Square, the Square Café is where Russell Crowe got his breakfast most mornings when filming “The Next Three Days.” The Square Café has outdoor seating when the weather’s nice, and is a true neighborhood hot spot that will welcomes your children without wrecking your wallet.

Eat ‘n’ Park: Readers of Pittsburgh CityPaper have voted this local chain “Best Family-Friendly Restaurant” time and time again. There’s a reason why people keep coming back to the local chain that started as a carhop in 1949 and grew to 15 locations in and around the city. Eat ‘n’ Park has a decent selection, great prices, and their Smiley Cookies are coveted treats, even among adults.

Pamela’s Diner: Pamela’s Diner now has six locations in and around Pittsburgh. Known for its pancakes, which President Obama liked so much on the campaign trail that he had them served at the White House, Pamela’s has been a staple of perpetually broke college students for decades. It is also a great place to bring your family.

Primanti Brothers: Primanti Brothers sandwiches has been featured on “Man v. Food,” and was named an American Classic by the James Beard Foundation. Primanti’s is famous both in and outside of Pittsburgh for its sandwiches that include slaw and fries piled high. Some of its 17 area locations are more family-friendly than others, but, if you go when there isn’t a game on, life is good.

Ritter’s Diner: 82% of voters on UrbanSpoon agree that Ritter’s Diner, in Pittsburgh’s Bloomfield neighborhood, is great. Ritter’s is open 24 hours and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with sides, but also inexpensive a la carte items you can mix and match into a custom meal. The best time to take your children to Ritter’s is during the day or early evening.

DeLuca’s: Located in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, DeLuca’s is the best portion size for the money anywhere in town. Its dessert-slash-breakfast offerings are truly decadent if you’re in the mood for a treat. The only drawback might be the line to get in.

Kings: Since 1967, Kings Family Restaurants has been serving reasonably-priced favorites such as meat loaf and mashed potatoes and cinnamon ice cream. They have 30 locations around the region and continue to be a great value for families.

Denny’s: While it’s true that Denny’s is not exactly a local establishment, they get serious props for letting kids eat free two days per week and keeping their breakfast slams reasonably priced.