7th Inning Pig Out

Yes, I may be a Renaissance Woman blazing a trail of vitality and wonderment with every breath I take (oh, sure.) But when it comes to strappin’ the feedbag on at the ballpark, I’m a traditional kind of gal. I appreciate how ballparks have morphed into a foodie paradise. There are numerous divine conncoctions that I only once imagined could be devoured while cheering on the good guys. But for me, it’s old-school. These are my must-eats. And I suggest must-eating pre-game, during, and a snack on the way out.

1. Kosher Hot Dog
While not as prevelant as the standard hot dog or all-beef variety, you may have to hunt around for this gem of the weiner world. Perhaps only a stand or two will carry these tasty, all-beef dogs with a hint of garlicy goodness, but it’s worth the adventure. The kosher hot dog is best eaten with a steady stream (the full length of the bun) of stadium mustard. If you want to really live on the edge, get onions on top– but they must be grilled. The carmelized sweetness of the onions compliment the dog. There was a time I attempted to eat my height in kosher dogs. Let’s just say it ended badly.

2. Peanuts
This is a must for so many reasons. For the health-conscious, peanuts are a source of good fat. Plus it’s fun to crush the shells, working towards the prize– a naked nut with a slightly roasted, salty, meaty flavor. Also, I find it challenging to polish off a bag of nuts during the game– so, bonus snack later! And shelled nuts could possibly be used to “accidentally” bean an opposing team’s fans. Not that I’ve participated in, or encourage such ruffian behavior.

3. Ice Cream Sundae*
(*preferably in one of those hand-sized mini plastic helmets.) I’m a kid at heart, always. Nothing reminds me of childhood more than ice cream, and all those tomboy days when I collected said mini plastic helmets. For some reason, the vanilla soft-serve ice cream topped with chocolate syrup tastes way better than it does when I try the same combo at home. The mini-helmet ice cream sundae is just the perfect size and isn’t in a cone– which means less opportunity for me to make a fashion statement with any drippings.

Honorable Mention: Nachos
Those moments when I want to cast my femininity aside, I go for nachos. Why? Cuz that’s a man’s food. Grrrrr. Chugging a ridiculously-sized beer while shovelling overly-salted tortilla chips, gooey stop-my-aorta cheese, and I-might-regret-this-later jalepenos in my mouth makes me wear my cap backwards while I hurl insults at the ump.