76-year Old Skateboarder Began at Age 65

Llyod Kahn is proving that you are never too old to love skateboarding. He tells the San Francisco Gate that he never goes anywhere without two or three skateboards and safety gear in the back of his truck. Kahn, the owner of Shelter Publications in Bolinas, talks to SFGate about how he took up skateboarding and what it really means to him.

In this interview, he admits that he tried out the skateboard of his son’s friend at the age of 65 and became hooked. He loves it most because it’s fun and he enjoys riding downhill. While he doesn’t ride in skate parks or perform tricks, he appreciates skating for what it is.

Says Kahn, “I think it’s good for the brain to be learning a new skill at my age. Good also for balance and coordination. There’s also the element of danger or pain if I screw up, so it makes me pay attention.”

As a mother of four now, I admit that there have been times where I’ve asked myself, “Am I too old to still be doing this?”

Still in my 20s, I feel foolish even thinking this when I look at Kahn and his inspiring story. If he can pick up the sport at 65 years of age, how silly am I to think I am too old before 30?

While Kahn admits that it’s annoying that he draws so much attention due to his age, he’s also a great inspiration to more people than he probably is aware of. He says the kids really like to see him skate and that they give him thumbs up.

Llyod Kahn gets two thumbs up from this mom from Texas for doing what he loves, no matter how many stares he gets. I’m glad he loves to ride and if I still lived in California, I’d ride with him in one of his favorite spots like the parking lot by the Officers’ Club in the Presidio or the hill by Murphy Windmill in Golden Gate Park.

Kahn reiterates the importance of safety gear and I cannot agree enough how important this is, no matter how old you are. My 3-year old loves to roll around on a board and while she’s not doing tricks and stunts, she still needs safety gear. The practice of proper safety should never be neglected and it’s good to see riders in the news promoting this regularly.

Kahn says, “There are a lot of people who skated when younger and gave it up. I encourage them to get back into it, because the equipment is so good nowadays.”

I couldn’t agree more!

Lisa has been skateboarding since she was a young girl and now skates with her husband and four children. She believes that you are never too young- or too old- to love skateboarding.