70s Influenced Fashion

If you like clothing that’s chic and voluminous, you’re in luck. Many of the styles shown on the runway during the recent season went back to the 1970s, where the bohemian and disco styles ruled fashion. While the clothes and accessories took on a vintage vibe, they certainly don’t look like they came out of your mother’s closet. Instead, there is a modern twist on favorite styles so you can bring the trends into 2011. If you want to rock the trend, here are some clothing and accessory ideas to get for your wardrobe:


A quintessential 70s fashion piece, platforms are back. Look for wedged ankle boots or strappy sandals that have a wooden heel and pair them with your jeans or skirts. Shop around for platforms with suede or leather for a trendy look.

Wide-Legged Trousers

Wide-legged trousers, whether they are denim or other material, are making their way to clothing racks everywhere. Wide-legged trousers are roomy and comfortable and look especially chic when paired with a blouse or snug tee-shirt. It’s important to pair baggy clothing with another article of clothing that’s snug to keep from making you appear ‘boxy’.


Crocheted sweaters, skirts or even fringed ponchos scream the 70s, but they take on a modern feel in colors like white, coral or cream. Pair crocheted items with jeans and sandals for a bohemian look. Finish off the style by adding a silver and turquoise cuff. The cuff is simple enough where it won’t clash with the rest of the look, but still give you a chance to accessorize.


Casual, loose-fitting dresses are essential in any 70s wardrobe. Look for flowy styles with a variety of prints, including floral, Missoni-inspired retro print, polka dots or vibrant zig-zag patterns. Pair the dresses with simple flat sandals or platform. To keep the dress from looking too vintage, make sure the dress falls on the thigh just above the knees.


There are plenty of 70s-inspired accessories to choose from that dress up an outfit. A cuff, as mentioned before, is stylish but doesn’t overdo it. Choose chunky, turquoise cocktail rings to dress up the hands or look for funky earrings in tasseled or feathered designs. Cinch your waist with a skinny braided leather belt and finish off the look with a structured leather bag covered in etchings or stamps. Keep your hair causal and flowing to complete the overall style.

Whether you want to fully embrace the trend or simply pick and choose styles to add into your wardrobe, you can easily rock the trendy 70s look with these styles and accessories.