7 Ways to Save Money at Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle is a regional grocery store chain, common throughout Ohio, Western PA, Maryland and West Virginia. As a ‘big box’ supermarket, customers may be discouraged from shopping at Giant Eagle if it appears more expensive than discount stores.

However, there are a number of ways to save a tremendous amount of money on your groceries at Giant Eagle (allowing you to pay less than you would at Save-a-Lot). The following are seven ways to save money at Giant Eagle, and cut your grocery bill in half (or lower):

1. Sign up for an Advantage card

There’s a reason why you keep seeing reward, membership and loyalty cards popping up at every store – they want your business! Stores offer great incentives for signing up for their cards, and they come in the form of huge savings off your grocery bill.

If you do nothing else on this list to save money at Giant Eagle, sign up for an Advantage card and present it at each check-out. You will then be paying special sales prices for your groceries, instead of the higher retail prices.

2. Use coupons

Not only is Giant Eagle happy to take coupons, they double all coupons up to 99 cents. This means, if you have a coupon for 50 cents off one Totino’s Party Pizza, the supermarket will double the coupon to $1 off the pizza. If you are coupon-savvy, this is the best way to save the most money at Giant Eagle. Locate Giant Eagle’s friendly coupon policy here.

3. Apply e-offers

E-offers are a great way to save money on groceries and other items because they can be stacked (combined) with manufacturer’s coupons. E-offers continually rotate and have expiration dates, but once you click them, they stay on your card until you purchase the item or the offer expires. Take note, e-offers are only redeemable one time.

If you’re comfortable with using coupons and you’ve signed up for a Giant Eagle Advantage Card, log onto the store’s e-offers website. E-offers are Giant Eagle’s ‘bonus’ coupons that load onto your member card when you click on each offer on the website. There is nothing to print or turn in; the savings automatically deduct at the register.

For example, if you have that 50 cent coupon for Totino’s Party pizza, it doubles to $1. A possible e-offer could take another 50 cents off Totino’s pizza. When the offers are combined, you could save $1.50 off the pizza. (If the pizza price is $1.50, that means it’s free!)

4. Research the catalinas

Don’t know what a catalina is? It’s the fancy name for those coupons that print out next to the register when you check out. These coupons are not random; they are triggered by items you have purchased. Check out the weekly and monthly catalina deals on Giant Eagle’s website in order to plan ahead and earn those “$2 off your next purchase” slips.

5. Check out the ad sales

Do you throw away the weekly sale inserts that come in your mail? They’re not junk mail; don’t toss them out! You should know in advance which items are on sale, for what prices, and know what a good ‘stock up’ price is.

Keep in mind, not every “sale” is a good deal. Just because fresh strawberries are on “sale” for $2.50 a container this week doesn’t mean they won’t be on sale for $1.50 next week. Crest toothpaste may be on “sale” for $2 this week, but you can get it for free next week when it’s $1, and you have a $1 coupon.

6. Find a Giant Eagle savings blog

There are some very helpful, informative blogs which explain the supermarket’s policies, match up sales and coupons each week, and provide shopping lists of all the great deals you can find. Gain the support of other money-saving shoppers by checking out ForTheMommas , AFullCup and SavingInAkron , each specializing in Giant Eagle.

7. Reedem FuelPerks and FoodPerks

If you have signed up for an Advantage card, you can also take part in their FuelPerks and FoodPerks program. This is a great way to save money – not only on groceries, but on gas. When you scan your card at each grocery store checkout, you will earn 10 cents off your next gas fill-up for every $50 you spend in groceries.

When you scan your card at Giant Eagle’s GetGo gas stations, you will earn 1% off your next grocery order for every 10 gallons you purchase. The points accumulate over time, and you can choose whether or not you want to redeem them or save for later. Check out more about the FoodPerks and FuelPerks programs here.

When you pay attention to these 7 tips, you will be on your way to saving money like never before. Pretty soon, you will come to love Giant Eagle as your preferred supermarket, and never pay full price for your groceries again.

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