7 Ways to Make Money Online with a Social Network Called People String

Is there any social netowrk that will help you to make long term money online? The answer is yes.If you are not just looking for quick cash but a long term business online, People String will surely be the answer for you. There are at least 7 ways to make money online with People String and I am going to share with you in a minute.There is nothing wrong to make quich cash online except that you will never be rich with website like that. People String is diifferent because it is a social network and a business that will really help you to make long term money online with all the training and features it has in its website.If you really want to make big money online between $1500 – $10,000 USD every month after 6 months, you are in the right place.As what I have mentioned before,there are at least 7 ways to make money online with this social netowrk called People String and I am going to show you how in this article.Needless to say, you have to sign up first before you can earn anything from this network and you can use my referral link below to do that.


1. Each time when you login, then sign out in People String, You will have 10 points.(points that will enable you to enjoy the revenue share from this social network and People String is the only webiste on the internet which will share 70% of all its ad revenue with its member( Good Deal ?) I already have 3,000 points in just 1 week and 10,000 points in my first month and I am telling you the truth.It is a website which will even pay you for each login.

2.Each time when you use its search engine, you will get another 10 points.You can set it as your home page and use the search engine just like what you always do. Another good deal , right?You get pay for what you always doing. Not bad, isn’t it ?

3.Each time when you click its shopping button and click on any ad that shows up. Then click the shop now button of that ad and when the page open, you will have another 10 points again (be sure you leav that page before you can get bthe points for doing that).Do you have to buy anything, absolutely not ! You click it just for window shopping and earn your 10 points, that’s all !


4. Each time when you check thepeople string email from the social area , then you will have another 10 points.

5. Each time when you log in to your yahoo account from the social area, then you will have another 10 points.

6. Each time when you pay their 3 games : lotto, guess which hands and prize wheel, you will get 10 – 1000 points( I’ve made 500 points once and another time 1,000 points but usually will be around 25 points or more) plus some cash prize opportunity (up to $100 USD within the prize wheel).

7. Each time when you do the People String survey from the mail box (if you are from United States, Canada and united Kingdom), you will get pay for doing that. If you are from the other countries, no problem! You can alwyas promote your business in the forum or blog.Don’t forget it is a social network and it is the best place for you to build up friendship and share about your own business with others.

Bonus tips : Each time when you get a referral, you will get $0.50 USD and you will earn 5 % from what your first lever earn and 2% from your 2-6 lever earn.It is a 6 levels deep referral program and when you upgrade your membership, you will earn from 20%-50% from your referrals as well.It is for sure a business which is very powerful in the long run.

Conclusion: There are just many other ways for you to earn in People Strings. Since its referral program will go down to 6 levels deep and you will makebig and steady income from your referrals.Getting referral is easy for People String members since it is free to sign up, you can get referral very quickly.I can share with you more on how to make money with this great website once you sign up with my referral link. For your success will be my success as well .Don’t wait any longer and start your happy journey with People String now and it is totally free to sign up.It is not a scam website and is rated the #1 free home based business in the internet realm.The founder of people String has also been interviewed by some most popular TV Channels in the United States for this business as well.Since you will have nothing to lose but everything to gain, so just click the following link and sign up now.If you can really treat this business as a business but not just some quick cash website. You will enjoy your steady income after 6 month. But still, sign up now is your first step .