7 Tips for Face to Face Fundraising

Face to face fundraising is just one method of fundraising that you can use for your organization. With these seven simple tips, you can raise funds for your cause like a pro.

Look Presentable and Friendly

If you do not look presentable and come to the encounter with a friendly attitude, you are likely to put people off before they even know why you are there. Make sure you are dressed nicely and professionally and that you practice proper hygiene. If you will be spending the day going door to door, plan for this and choose something comfortable and easier to remain clean and presentable throughout the day. Approach the person with a friendly and non-pushy attitude.

Plan Ahead

Get all of your materials, handouts, and other items needed ready ahead of time. Plan for questions that people may ask and be ready to provide the answers. If you don’t seem to know what you’re talking about, they will be less likely to help your cause.

Produce a Leaflet or Other Written Material

It is also very helpful when introducing yourself and answering questions about your cause if you can produce a leaflet or other type of written material about your charitable organization and what you are fundraising for. This allows the person you are asking money from to see what you are really all about and it also gives you authority so you appear legitimate.

Identify Yourself Properly

When you approach someone face to face about a fundraising opportunity, you should always be sure to properly identify yourself. This is especially true if you are going door to door with people you don’t previously know.

Have a Goal and State Your Goals

It’s important to have a fundraising goal before you set out to do your face to face meetings. You may bring progress charts with you so that you can show them where your goals are and how far you have to meet these goals. You can mention an upcoming goal deadline to help encourage people to give. If there are any incentives to giving, such as prizes or raffle drawings, be sure to mention these as well.

Hold an Event

An alternative to the sometimes-intrusive door to door fundraising is the option to hold an event. You can do this relatively low cost, especially with enough volunteers and this allows people who are interested in your cause to come to you. Face to face fundraising is still possible and you should have enough agents on hand to meet and greet people who attend the event.

Don’t Overdo It

One problem with face to face fundraising is that many of the people approached who would be willing to donate have already donated. This is one reason why nonprofits and organizations seeking donations are encouraged to take a break period from face to face fundraising so as not to overdo it.


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