7 Steps for Successful Transition

How many of you were faced with a transition at one point or another in your life- starting a new career, becoming a parent, changing your lifestyle in terms of health, moving to a new place of living, etc? I know I have: several times in my life! Many people are not particularly excited about the transition process simply because it represents uncharted waters, hence forgetting just how exciting the new future is and how many more opportunities arise along the way.

Based on my experiences and learning in the process, I have developed a strategy consisting of 7 steps for an easy, fun and exciting transitioning. These steps helped me throughout all of my transitions- moving to a different country, becoming a mom to two incredible boys, and going from a stay-at-home mom and full time student to a successful businesswoman. The strategy is very simple, it does not require a lot of time to make the most of, and it gives you a different perspective on things and yourself as well.

Step #1: Evaluate where you are

Take a good look at your situation, whatever it may be, and ask yourself these questions: Why it’s not acceptable to stay there anymore? Why is it a must to step into a new direction? Are you the only one suffering or there are more people affected by the status quo? By asking yourself these questions and giving honest answers, you are able to go deep inside and find out the truth about where you really are at this point in your life and why it is necessary to make a change. Once you determine where you are, you will have a clearer picture as to —

Step #2: Where do you want to go

This is probably the most important question to ask yourself because it is not always about going- you have to know (or at least have a general idea) where do you want to end up. HINT: A tremendous help in discovering your destination is knowing your purpose- what are you passionate about, what excites you, what do you feel strongly about?

Step #3: What have you been doing to get there?

Now, this is where you want to be brutally honest with yourself. Why? In order to find out what works and what doesn’t! In this way you can eliminate less successful strategies and implement those that work for you.

Step #4: What are you willing to do to get there and why are you willing to do it?

This is your opportunity to stretch yourself. You will explore new ways and new strategies in the field of your transition and choose what to use. It is also an opportunity to find out what motivates you: is it simply the success, your loved ones, or something else. Reminding yourself of your purpose in life is crucial here because it would give you a much-needed boost.

Step #5: Plan and commit!

Commitment time! One of the first and most important things I’ve learned throughout my journeys was the importance of making a decision. And sticking with it. Now that you have your where’s, why’s and how’s, it’s crucial to plan, block time and perform at least one activity every day which will get you closer to your goal.

Step #6: Measure

For just a moment, I want you to step into the mind of a businessperson, a Project Manager for instance. An outstanding Project Manager knows that his project will be greatly successful if he and his team take some time to measure how far they have come in the process. Also, if they recognize mistakes and allow room for improvement. So, the success of your ‘Ëœproject’ largely depends on how much and how well you measure your progress. And the most important thing- don’t forget to —


Recognize every single success, no matter how big or small it is and enjoy it. If you take time for that, you will positively reinforce desired behavior. A smart man once told me: “Reward the approximate behavior because what becomes conditioned- becomes permanent”.