7 Signs You Should See a Specialist

Are you suffering with an illness? If you are not satisfied with your current medical care, you may want to see a specialist. A specialist is an expert who can shine light on a cure or treatment for your issue. Below are seven scenarios in which you should seek one out.

1) Your illness is rare.

Specialists are the go-to medical professionals for rare conditions or diseases. They are educated and trained to identify symptoms that physicians outside of their field might overlook. For this reason, if you are diagnosed with a rare illness, you should seek help from a specialist who understands its mechanisms.

2) Your pain is constant.

An obvious sign you should see a specialist is constant, debilitating pain. Besides the fact you probably can’t function well, your body is under a lot of stress. A specialist can do research on your illness and prescribe medication (or treatment) that reduces/eliminates your pain.

3) You are getting worse.

If the symptoms associated with your illness are getting worse, you need expert advice. A specialist may be able to provide you better care than a family practitioner. He can also rule out a misdiagnosis.

4) Your condition is chronic.

Another sign you should see a specialist is that your condition is chronic. You have a disease like diabetes that requires daily care. A specialist can help you delay or avoid the pitfalls of this type of chronic condition.

5) Your PCP has no answers.

If your primary care physician (PCP) cannot answer questions about your illness, he may need to pass the torch. Specialists exist for almost every part of the body. Ask your PCP to refer you to one, so you can receive the information necessary to address your issue.

6) Your treatment is failing.

A final sign you should see a specialist is that your treatment is failing. You are seeing no improvements. A clinician with more expertise may be able to tweak your treatment plan or recommend a new one that is effective.

7) You want a second opinion.

If you question the medical advice you have received from one specialist, you can request to see another one in the same or different field for a second opinion. You are in control of your health. Don’t be afraid to speak to more than one physician about a medical issue.

Ready to see a specialist? Get a referral and start your journey toward good health.

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