7 Possible Causes of Frequent Urination in Puppies and What You Can Do About It

You can definitely tell when something is not quite right when you see your puppy urinating frequently. Maybe your puppy has been urinating in inappropriate areas of the home or his crate. Maybe he is just urinating much too frequently. There can be many possible causes of a puppy frequently urinating small amounts and it’s important to get to the root of them in order to keep your puppy healthy. Here are 7 possible causes of your puppy’s frequent urination and what you can do to help.

1. A puppy frequently urinating small amounts of urine may have a hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalances alter the pH of the urine, making it easier for bacteria to flourish.

2. Your puppy frequently urinating small amounts may have a bladder infection caused by bacteria. The bacteria irritate the bladder wall, causing the constant urge to urinate.

3. Bladder stones could be causing your pup to urinate frequently in small amounts. Bladder stones form when minerals in the urine form into solid objects. It happens more easily when the pH of the urine is too high or too low mainly caused by diet. Bladder stones are also very painful. A good way to prevent them is by changing the diet and administering a homeopathic remedy that promotes a healthy flow of urine and flushes out toxins in order to prevent further obstructions.

4. A condition called psychogenic polydypsia can cause your puppy to obsessively drink water and urinate excessively. This condition is not serious and doesn’t need treatment.

5. Urinary incontinence resulting from a birth defect may be the cause of your puppy frequently urinating small amount. This is a common problem for huskies in particular and surgery is usually necessary.

6. A puppy frequently urinating small amounts may have behavioral issues that need to be addressed. Your puppy may be urinating frequently due to being territorial or because he urinates when excited, happy, or scared. For dogs that have the latter problem, put them in a diaper to prevent messes. Keep territorial dogs away from the windows if possible so they don’t spot other dogs or passerby.

7. A serious illness may be the cause of your puppy frequently urinating small amount. Kidney failure, diabetes, liver disease, and abnormalities of the pituitary gland are all possible causes of frequent urination in small amounts.

As you can see, there are a plethora of factors that could be causing your puppy frequently urinating small amounts. The first step in taking care of this problem is going to veterinarian and getting tests done to figure out the cause. Sometimes the cause may be quite serious and need to be treated with medication or corrected with surgery. In most cases, lifestyle changes like diet and homeopathic treatment will do the trick. Your best bet is to focus on preventive treatment rather than just taking action when you notice your puppy frequently urinating small amounts.

Make sure your dog has plenty of fresh, filtered water to drink and gets plenty of exercise. Take him out on frequent walks so he has plenty of opportunities to empty his bladder. Feed him only raw, unprocessed food or home cooked food and give him a homeopathic treatment on a regular basis. Homeopathic treatments prevent and treat infections by maintaining a healthy bladder, healthy flow of urine, and strong immune system. Make no mistake about it. These simple lifestyle changes will keep your dog healthy and full of vitality, whatever the cause of the infections may be!