7 Pet-Friendly Mother’s Day Celebrations

How can pet lovers celebrate Mother’s Day in unique and memorable ways?

Even moms who have never borne or raised children may mark the occasion by planning fun and festive activities with beloved pets. Family is family, even when those in our care are furry and wag their tails in excitement.

1. Be spoiled with breakfast in bed with pets.

This is a time-honored Mother’s Day tradition. Toss your pet a treat, as you dig into those lovingly prepared eggs and toast. What’s a little stray hair, if you’re digging out eggshells anyway?

2. Watch a favorite animal movie together.

Curl up on the couch on Mom’s Day for an animal-friendly film. Choose “The Aristocats,” “Beethoven,” “Garfield,” “Lassie,” “Must Love Dogs,” “Rin Tin Tin,” “That Darn Cat” or another choice flick.

3. Share a picnic in the park with your pets.

If weather permits, pack a picnic for Mother’s Day, and take pets to the park. Grab a blanket or tablecloth, and stake out a feasting spot. If it’s raining cats and dogs, take your Mom’s Day picnic indoors.

4. Make a movie together with pets.

Why not create an annual memory-making tradition with a video camera? Enlist an annual assistant to film your own Mom’s Day movie with your pets. Label DVDs by year, so you can enjoy them forever.

5. Plan a pet portrait sitting.

Professional photographers offer special packages for people and pets. Make Mother’s Day special by scheduling a photo session, or pre-pay a sitting for another mother and her favorite animal companion. A fond father might even give Mom a portrait of the kids and the family pets.

6. Pick perfect pampering with your pets.

Schedule spa sessions for your pet and yourself. Drop off the dog or cat for grooming, and step into a salon for a spiff-up. Pick up the pet, and rock your new looks together by strolling to the coffee shop. Beckon the barista for a seat in the sun.

7. Adopt a shelter pet for Mother’s Day.

Many animal rescue organizations host Mother’s Day open houses, so folks can pick out pets. How about stopping in for a peek or even presenting Mom with a puppy?

Moms of all stripes celebrate Mother’s Day in creative ways. By unleashing your imagination, you may fetch additional ways to make memories with your beloved pets.

Linda Ann Nickerson’s family includes a cat, a dog, horses and humans. For Mother’s Day, everyone but the feline will honor a time-tested trail riding tradition, as soon as extended family gatherings are over.

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