7 Methods for Getting a Domain Name Sold

Thousands of people try their hand at buying domain names each year to turn around and sell them at a later point in time. Of course, only a few of those people are at all successful at doing so. Selling domain names is pretty straight forward, but there are plenty of ways for a person to get their domain name sold. A domain name that sells for anything more than its original price can be considered a success. On that note, here are some ways a person can get their domain sold.

Head on over to eBay to sell a domain.
With eBay, a person can sell just about anything, including the rights to domains. You simply list the domain on eBay with a little bit of information and wait to see if anyone makes a bid or buys it outright. Of course, you’ll want to let potential bidders know the full domain, the hosting service, and how they will receive the ownership rights. Millions of people log on to eBay each day, so you’re bound to drum up a little interest as long as your domain is worth owning. Watch out for scams and scammers though – never hand over ownership rights until you have been paid!

Park the domain and use that page to sell it.
Each domain name that doesn’t have an associated website will have a parked page. Of course, Internet users will be directed to this page that usually says the site is owned by the hosting service or it is currently under construction. You should leave your e-mail address and a little side note about selling the domain if possible. For good domains, you are bound to receive a few inquiries or even some offers. Domains that are easily searchable on Google are typically sold in this fashion. It’s a good idea if you don’t want to actively promote your domains.

Try out forums and message boards.
There are various forums and message boards for domain buyers and sellers. Without a doubt, you’ll want to browse these forums to check out what people are looking to buy or what they have recently sold. You can create posts to see how others rate your domain name. In the process, you might even find someone who wants to purchase your domain, which should always be your goal. Forums are great places to get domains sold because people who are specifically looking to buy a domain usually frequent them.

Use domain selling sites.
There are various sites and brokerages designed for selling and buying domains. Unfortunately, some of them may cost a few dollars to use, even though this isn’t that much money. So then, you’ll want to take advantage of these sites to list and sell your domains. Thousands of people look through the listings on these sites every day, so you are bound to get an offer or a sale every once in awhile if your domain names are strong and popular. Luckily, many of these sites will facilitate sales for a small fee so that your transaction is pretty much guaranteed.

Put the domain up for auction.
Like the previous option, there are also sites designed for domain name auctioning. Most of them charge a fee for the auctions, but the percentage isn’t that large, so you will still end up with most of the money. You can list your domains on these auction sites, and a prospective buyer can bid on your domain. Hopefully, you’ll get multiple bids on your domains because this can greatly increase the price you end up earning for the domain. Domain auction sites work similarly to eBay, so most people won’t have a problem figuring them out.

Advertise the domain on your own website.
You should use your own website – if you have one – to advertise your domain names that you own and want to sell. Of course, you should only expect results if your website gets decent amounts of page views each month. Nobody will see your advertisement if nobody visits your site. Anyways, this is a free option to get the word out on your domains for sale. At times, this method will work with some luck. It’s worth a shot because it’s free advertising that can really work if you have regular monthly traffic.

Sell it on Craigslist!
Like eBay, you can sell almost anything on Craigslist. You can sell your domains on the site too, even though the odds are against you because the frequenters of Craigslist aren’t usually looking for domains to buy. Still, it’s a free source to list your domains for sale, which is always a useful thing. It is possible to happen upon the occasional domain buyer on Craiglist who may just give you an offer for your domain. Make sure that you leave your contact information though!

Selling a Domain Name Can Be Tough.

Depending upon the specific name, a domain can be a difficult sell. You have to own domains that are worth it for other people or companies to buy. Therefore, the domain names have to be useful or you are out of luck and won’t receive many offers for the domains. Selling a domain name can take days, weeks, months, or even years. In fact, you might never sell the domains that you own. It’s important to only hold onto domain names for a year or two, especially if you don’t get many inquiries or offers for them. Don’t give up on domain selling though because it only takes one big sale to keep you going and earning a profit!

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