7 Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

The hunt is on for a job! Whether you are looking for something you want to do for a living or a temporary gig, the interview process can always be a stressful endeavor that can sometimes be your only chance at getting your desired job. So, there’s a lot of pressure to give a good first impression, of course.

While some of these tips are pretty obvious, it is quite surprising what some things people will forget when about to go in for a interview. So, time to take some notes and be alert!

1. Don’t be too candid when talking.
This is a common mistake, though it can be egged on mistakenly by the employer during the interview-usually, they like to calm the nerves of the potential employee by saying to be “themselves,” or be casual about it. Depending on the situation, it is best to stay safe and remain professional during the entire interview.

2. Be on time!
It might be a common fact, but, this is possibly one of the most common mistakes that you can make. Even being five minutes late is unacceptable, so remember to map out the directions to the place and do what you need to do in order to be on time. In fact, it is advised to be at least ten minutes early.

3. Not answering questions articulately.
Being prepared is the best mantra when going on job interviews, especially for those hard-hitting questions such as “What are your strength and weaknesses?” or other such queries. Instead of stuttering out your answer, be prepared and do practice questions at home beforehand.

4. Be choosy with your own questions (or at least ask some!).
Asking about benefits, salary and other incentives before you even are employed is always considered bad taste-so try and refrain from doing it. Also, asking no questions whatsoever can also be negative on your part. To prevent this, research the company and brainstorm questions to ask. Seem somewhat interested in working for them!

5. Inappropriate attire and look.
Stilettos that are sky high and popped collars should be left at home. Unless you are interviewing for a creative position or in a industry that encourages personality in dress code, stay conservative in your dressing as well as your “look”–no heavy make-up or overly done hair.

6. Being too eager or “clingy”.
Calling immediately and frequently after the interview about whether or not the employer chose you is poor form and can paint you in a “needy” or “desperate” color. Give the employer some time and call at the very least the next day to thank them for the interview and wait at least five days to call for a verdict on the job position.

7. Showing no interest.
Opposite of the previous tip, showing hardly or no interest at all can mean that the employer will immediately forget you or automatically think you really aren’t that interested in working for them. After all that trouble to set up the interview and go there, why not show a little bit of interest?

Though not a tip, another thing to remember is to stay calm about it all. Though it can be easier said than done, staying relaxed and thinking clearly will do wonders in doing very well during an interview. Don’t be discouraged from rejections and remain positive–even the job market is looking better!