7 Inexpensive Gift Basket Ideas for Mothers

A gift basket is an inexpensive way to give a substantial present. You can buy most of the items for your basket at the local dollar store, craft store, or wholesale fashion jewelry store. Based on your budget, you can assemble many items or just add a few key pieces. The choice is yours. Here are 7 gift basket ideas for moms:

1. Jewelry Gift Basket

What woman wouldn’t love her own personal treasure trove? Fill a jewelry box or memento box to the brim with jewelry. The trick is to use fashion jewelry. You can find earrings, bracelets, brooches, and necklaces for reasonable prices at wholesale jewelry stores.

Variation: Create a jewelry making gift basket for the recipient to make her own jewelry. Add beads, wires, chains, pliers, and lobster clasps to a basket and include these jewelry-making instructions from Jewelrymakinginstructions.com.

2. Garden Gift Basket

Fill a flowerpot or watering can with seeds, gardening tools, and gardening gloves to create a garden gift basket.

3. Music or Movie Gift Basket

A music gift basket should include CDs with music she loves, a sampler CD to introduce her to something new, and a gift card for music downloads. For a movie gift basket, add popcorn, DVDs, gift cards for movie downloads, and a list of recommended movies. You can use IMDB.com to found information about movies. Use RollingStone.com for artist biographies and discographies. Then, create a scroll by rolling the lists and tying it with a string.

4. Traveler Gift Basket

Your traveler gift basket should include all of the essentials for a great trip. Use a cosmetic case as your basket and include a journal, luggage tags, travel size products, prepaid phone cards, and sunglasses.

5. Fashionista Gift Basket

To assemble a Fashionista gift basket put the following items into a hatbox: the latest hair accessories, nail polish colors, fashion jewelry, and a fashion magazine.

6. Eco-Friendly Gift Basket

Add environmentally friendly soaps, reusable water bottles, homemade soy candles, and body lotions to a reusable tote bag to create an eco-friendly gift basket.

7. Fitness Gift Basket

Use a gym bag to create a fitness gift basket. Add a workout video, colorful exercise bands, towels, and a DIY CD with workout music. For a splurge, you can add a one-month gym membership.

These gift baskets are easy to assemble especially if you pick up supplies throughout the year. That way you will have everything you need when the time comes to create your basket. Whether you choose to give these gift baskets for Mother’s Day or any other day throughout the year, the recipient will love them.