7 Hot Handmade Crafts for Relay for Life Fundraisers

The Relay for Life is an annual fundraiser walk for the American Cancer Society. Teams have a friendly competition to raise money before and during the Relay for Life events to support the mission of the American Cancer Society. Relay events will happen across the country on weekends this April.

This year I will proudly walk the survivor’s lap wearing purple, the symbolic color of a cancer survivor, as a 13-year cancer survivor. As a 10-year veteran of walking in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life events, I have experience in both selling and buying crafts for fundraisers.

People from all walks of life will be walking in the Relay for Life events so having a variety of crafts will ensure a more successful craft sale fundraiser. Also remember there will be people there ready to be really generous for this great cause and others may be there spending their last dollars so be sure to have both high ticket and inexpensive craft items for sale.

Handmade Jewelry:

Pink and purple are very popular colors at a Relay for Life. Pink is the symbolic color of breast cancer survivor’s and there will be many breast cancer survivors their celebrating and sporting their pink shirts and hats. Purple is also popular as cancer survivors will be proudly wearing purple. You can find pink ribbon charms for sale to add to your handmade jewelry that are sure to boost your fundraiser sales. Pink and purple in general are fun colors for selling handmade jewelry in spring. With Easter and Mother’s Day on the horizon, people will be shopping for handmade jewelry.

Handmade Baby Items:

It seems that there is no in or out season for buying or selling for babies. The Relay for Life is a very family and kid friendly event and you can bet their will plenty of grandparents, new parents and expectant parents at a Relay for Life. Handmade items for babies are always popular fundraiser sellers including handmade baby blankets, crocheted socks, bibs, stuffed animals or clothes.

Handmade Hats:

Knit stocking hat, decorated sun hats, hand-sewn scarves and turbans are always tops at a cancer awareness fundraiser. Many people enduring cancer treatments have lost their hair and others are desperate to avoid sun exposure during treatments. For a variety of reasons, people who are fighting cancer appreciate hats from the practical to stylish to just down right funny. Again pink and purple are popular colors but people will be looking for a variety of colors for everyday.

Handmade Wreaths:

In April people are ready to buy spring or summer themed wreaths. Grapevine wreaths never seems to go out of style and vintage items like “rag wreaths” are making a big comeback. You can learn more here about how to make a rag wreath. I’ve seen first hand what a popular selling rag wreaths are the potential for profit for the fundraiser is great because all you need to make a rag wreath is a coat hanger and fabric scraps.

Still need more fundraiser ideas?

People are still happy to buy raffle tickets for handmade quilts.

Mother’s Day gift baskets are popular sellers at April Relay for Life events.

Even in April, handmade Christmas ornaments are hot sellers too.