7 Health Benefits of Eating Bananas

For years there has been a popular saying telling us that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” The apple can certainly be a healthy snack but the saying should be edited to replace apples with bananas. Bananas have more nutrients and vitamins than apples and have many more benefits than its round-shaped friend.

Body Performance
Bananas are healthy because they help the body’s performance in a myriad of different ways. Bananas make the circulatory system more efficient, which allows oxygen to be delivered to the brain. This will also ensure a healthy heartbeat and will a correct balance of body in the water. Bananas will also regulate blood pressure and therefore help to reduce the likelihood of strokes.

Bowel Movements
Often people think the solution to constipation is to use laxatives but laxatives often contain chemicals. Why use a product full of chemicals when there is a more natural solution? Bananas are just as effective of returning the body to its regular bowel function.

There have been many studies done on students to prove what foods are healthy to the brain and improve brainpower and not many have been more successful than bananas. Studies have shown that students consuming bananas three times a day often have a more alert and clear brain.

Anybody that works at a desk all day like I do likely feels sluggish and maybe even sleepy during the day. Bananas could be the solution to that sluggish feeling. Bananas will help provide energy to get through the day and eating two bananas a day can often provide enough energy to work out for over an hour. Many professional tennis players can be seen snacking on bananas between games because of the energy boost they receive.

I’ve never been much of a party guy so in no way do I suggest partying and getting drunk. However, someone that does party should consider eating bananas as part of their recovery. Many of the negative effects of partying are on this list and they are all solved by bananas. Therefore, bananas can help recovery from a hangover.

Men, if your pregnant wife is complaining about morning sickness then just shove a banana in their mouth. They might think it is rude at first but once they realize the banana calms the queasy feeling, restores the blood glucose level and body temperature then they will know that you truly love them.

Bonus: Banana Peels
Most people just throw away their banana peels much to the chagrin of many clumsy cartoon characters. Think twice before throwing away those banana peels though. The inside of the banana peel can be rubbed on a mosquito bite to help soothe the itchy feeling, the outside of the banana peel can heal warts and banana peels also make great fertilizer in the garden.