7 Great Romantic Date Ideas

Stuck on romantic date ideas? No worries I have interviewed psychotherapist Jenny Grace Shaw who will give you 7 great date ideas to help create the romance in your dating relationship.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
“I hold a Masters in Education and Counseling, a Bachelor in Psychology, and am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I have been working with individuals, groups, families, couples, and communities as a Psychotherapist, School Counselor, Public Speaker, Advocate, Professional Consultant, Health and Fitness Specialist, and Life Coach since 1993. Currently, I have a private practice in Maui, Hawaii.

I am passionate about LOVE; what it means, how it is shown, giving it, receiving it. I believe Love to be the most important ‘language’ we human beings will ever know. It is our essential need'”far more required than food, water, and shelter.

It is why we do all that we do whether it is negative or positive. Love is so desperately desired that when we fear of losing it, we react in anger, tears, resentment, blame and self-harm. Love is everywhere and worthy of all. It is why we have memories, celebrations, creations, and motivation. It is that awesome.

In summary, to those who know me, I am the original ‘mushball’ and might I add, damn proud of it!”

What are some 7 great romantic date ideas you can give for people who are dating?
“So, you want to make that special someone feel as special as you see them, but believe you don’t have a romantic bone in your body no matter how hard you pray for one to magically appear? Let me reassure you my friends, you do!

Romance is, well, may I be so cliche’ to say; ‘in the eye of the beholder.’ First, recognize what YOUR definition of romance is, then plan a way your definition and his/hers can combine. Love and Romance are not perfect it’s how you two are perfect together that matters most.

In other words, dear ones, just showing genuine respect, attention, concern, and freedom towards another is Love and I say that’s romantic!

The following 7 ideas, I hope, will help guide you towards the development of your own romantic date ‘”you add or take way whatever works best for you and your special someone.
1. Be thoughtful. Nothing speaks louder than genuine thoughtfulness. You know how much she loves massages so surprise her with a day at her favorite spa. And if you really want to make it extra special, join her. Yes, JOIN her! The both of you deserve to be pampered and joining in on the gift demonstrates how much you want to thoroughly share such a wonderful experience.

2. Make the date memorable. We all remember great dates. Some of the best are shared with friends and family simply because they tugged our heart strings crazily. Create a scene of ambience; candlelit dinner, live violin music, rose pedals scattered about; all under a starlit night by the water.

3. For the sport enthusiasts surprise them with a camping trip. What can bring two together more than sleeping under the stars, hiking in the enchanted forest, taking in nature’s gifts through your eyes, ears, nose, and heart.

4. Be creative by remembering your first meeting? Remember the feelings, the wonders, and the questions; the feelings she/he ignited? Take them back to that place, replay it, share all the thoughts and emotions that you remember arising — .then, replay your first actual date.

5. Be adventurous. How about a hot air balloon ride at sunset with champagne in hand?

6. Be outrageous and show your silly side. Be willing to make a fool out of yourself in public. Announce your presence to her in front of her colleagues dressed as a clown with the obligation to kidnap her for the rest of the day! Note: This works a lot better when you call the boss ahead of time making sure that’s a good day. You might even serenade her'”can’t carry a tune you say, so what! This is romance for your special someone NOT American Idol. Then, let the kidnapping begin!

7. Be YOU! Announce (Renounce) your adoration through words. A love letter, a poem or a song is great ways for you to express your feelings. Take her shopping for a nice new outfit as the two of you will be off on an elegant evening specifically designed just the way you have always loved it. For me, some of my most treasured ‘dates’ are when my loved one and I simply danced in our pajamas to our favorite ‘”well, him humming our favorite song, watched a great flick while snuggling by the fireplace, toasted our happiness for just being exactly how it was, and laughed the night away!”

Thank you Jenny for doing the interview on7 romantic dating ideas for your woman. For more information on Jenny Shaw or her work you can check out her website on www.jennyshawtherapy.com.

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