7 Free Android Word Games

One could call the Android Market many things; vast, expansive, capacious, voluminous. For people who appreciate word games and the great price of FREE, here are seven free Android word games for you to download and enjoy on your Android phone!

WordSearch Unlimited Free
As implied by its name, WordSearch Unlimited free is a wordsearch game through-and-through. There are a plethora of backgrounds to play on for aesthetic purposes, as well as many different categories of words, including English, animals, anatomy, sports, music, and many more! The game features three difficulties as well as a hint system for when the goings get rough, and scoreboards to track your best completion times.

Wordfeud Free
Wordfeud, a crossword-like word game on the Android, is a game free for download on the market. Wordfeud features hotseat multiplayer over the internet with other owners of the application, allowing players to make their moves when the time is convenient. Up to 30 games can be played simultaneously.

Borrowing from and combining games like Boggle, Scrabble, and even a bit of Bejeweled, Dropwords is a game in which the player is presented with a grid of letters. Words can be found by chaining letters in any direction. When a word is completed, points are awarded, and the used letter tiles disappear, with new ones appearing in their place.

Hangman Free
This time-tested game is now available free on Android phones. Hangman Free features three difficulty levels, chalkboard graphics, and categories from standard words to focused categories such as animals, geography, holidays, and more. Local multiplayer is also supported.

Word Game
While Word Game may lack original titling, the gameplay certainly makes up for it. In this free game, the player is given lines of random letters Scrabble-style and tasked with creating words from them in a race against the clock.

Word Mix Lite
Word Mix Lite is a free word game revolving around solving an anagram. Six letters are given to the player to make a word out of, and bonus points are given for more words. Word Mix Lite features over 12,000 levels, a common and advanced dictionary, plus a dictionary and hint system for reference.

Shortyz Crosswords

Featuring daily crosswords taken from the Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, and The Wall Street Journal in addition to many more, Shortyz Crosswords is a practically limitless application for your Android to get your daily crossword fix.

Hopefully this list has been helpful to fellow Android users out there, and that these free games do a good job of filling your entertainment needs!

Reference: Android Market