6th Grade Fundraising Ideas

Sixth grade is typically when children all over the United States go to a camp for half a week to a week with their teachers and classmates. Camps are great experiences because the camps that take place during the school year tend to be a little more educational but in a fun way that helps kids learn as well as connecting them to nature. Many sixth grade classes also have an end of the school year party, to celebrate the end of the elementary school years.

Unfortunately going to camp or planning a 6th grade party can be costly. Not every school has the funds in place to pay for every child to go to camp or to sponsor a party for sixth graders. This article will give you a few tips on how 6th grade students along with parent and teacher help, can earn money for their class.

#1: Walkathon

A walkathon is very easy to put together. You make a flier that the students can carry with them to get monetary donations from people to sponsor them for their upcoming walkathon. Depending on how many 6th grade students you have, the class might be able to rake in around $200 to $400 dollars.

#2: Penny Wars

Penny Wars is a fun yet competitive game for kids. The 6th grade classes compete against each other for the Penny Wars. Each class gets 1 clear jar with a lid. During the course of a month (or week if you need a shorter time to keep kids interested), tell the kids that whoever gets the most amount of money is the winner. Students place pennies in their jars. The other 6th grade classes can put silver change, cash or check in the jar to count against their penny total. Silver change, cash and checks counts against the total so if your class has 1000 pennies but has a quarter, that’s 25 taken away from the 1000. You can have the winners win something simple that won’t take away from your profit (like a popcorn party) or have the losing class do something silly for the other class (like sing a song).

#3: Mini Carnival

You don’t have to go all out for a carnival. Have the 6th graders and parents help with a mini carnival. Look online for a few easy game ideas, contact local businesses for food donations and offer it only to a few grade levels so it doesn’t get overloaded with people. You could offer it to 4th, 5th and 6th or you could possibly make more money by having it for lower grades. Charge for food and the games. You should make a nice tidy sum.

#4: Yard Sale

A lot of schools have yard sales. Usually it is specific grades or clubs at the school that holds the yard sale. Ask all the 6th grade parents for donations of items that can be sold. Parents and students can run the sale. What’s great about a yard sale is that it is open to the entire community so the earning opportunities are huge, depending on what donations you receive.

#5: Grams

Grams are usually sold during certain times of the year (spring, Christmas, Halloween, etc) and they consist of a fun note and a small surprise (such as a pencil, piece of candy, toy). Students love sending them to friends, a teacher or even each other. Sell grams with the proceeds going back to the 6th graders to fund for camp or end of the year party. Depending on student population at your school, you can usually earn $150 to $400 dollars.