6 Ways to Ruin a Relationship by Texting

Texting is a great method of communication for casual dating and serious relationships. However, improper texting can lead to serious relationship problems, and even a breakup if done wrong. Our list, from a guy’s perspective, will help you avoid texting pitfalls in any type of relationship.

1. Overuse of Texting

Texting is great to get a simple point across or to start up a casual conversation. Overuse of texting, however, can get annoying and appear needy. From my experience, going overboard on texting can actually tear a relationship apart rather than strengthen it.

2. Quick Response Texting

Are you one of those people who require a near instant response when you text your partner, or else you get upset? Not everyone wants to text 24/7, and not everyone responds instantly. If you get mad at your partner for not responding immediately, you will produce animosity. Realize that you both have other events in your life. Although texting is convenient, it cannot be used exclusively.

3. Fights through Texting

Texting does not give you a tone of voice; you must rely solely on wording to get your point across. Remember you cannot show emotion well through texting, and this often leads to fights. Fights through texting can ruin your relationship and cause animosity in an otherwise perfectly normal conversation.

4. In Person Comfort Level

When relying on texting to talk to your partner, you miss the obvious best part of a relationship: being with your love interest. Relying on texting as a sole means of communication can make you comfortable through wording, but it can also make you uncomfortable when you actually do see each other. Of course, this happens more when you see each other infrequently.

5. You Avoid Phone Calls

Phone calls may seem old fashioned, but they establish emotion through voice and allow you to have a greater comfort level with your partner. If you don’t feel comfortable talking on the phone, why continue a relationship through texting? Remember you are not dating someone for their texting skills, but rather their personality and the feeling you get when you are together. Avoiding phone calls shows a sole reliance on texting, which is poison to a relationship.

6. Texting the Wrong Person

If you are having a fight with your partner and are texting one of your friends about the details, make sure you are texting the right person. Far too many times we send texts to the wrong person by mistake. If you send a text that describes the fight to your partner by mistake, be ready for a big fight or the end of your relationship.