6 Ways to Make Popsicles Cheaper, Healthier, and Greener

Use Homemade Recipes.

There is simply no need to purchase those expensive, chemical-laden, unhealthy popsicles from the grocer with all the hundreds of wonderful and tasty homemade popsicles recipes available online. Making homemade popsicles takes just a few minutes, are a great alternative to smoothies, are super cheap, and make the perfect treat for both kids and adults during those hot, summer days.

With recipes like Watermelon and Apple Banana popsicles you can sneak in a healthy fruit serving and save some bucks.

Use what you have, don’t purchase a mold.

Don’t be tempted to purchase a special popsicle mold from the store, before trying to use a few things you already have in your kitchen cabinet. For instance, if you have a ice tray at home or a few muffin tins (the silicon based tins work best) then feel free to pour your awesome homemade popsicle recipe right in and freeze. It’s simple, it’s quick, and it’s free if you already have one. Plus, it will get more use compared to that one trick pony – the popsicle mold.

Replace those wasteful popsicle sticks.

This is where your creativity can go wild! Ditch those predictable, wasteful, costly popsicle sticks and opt for something reusable, simple, and elegant. Imagine the look on your party guests faces when you bring out your homemade popsicles using spoons as the popsicle sticks. They won’t even realize they are spoons until they finish and what a cute little surprise. Spoons are much more decorative and look more elegant than popsicle sticks and on a hot summer day there is nothing like eating a cold popsicle holding that cool handle.

Popsicles are edible last time we all checked, so how about adding an edible popsicle stick element to the mix. You can use anything that will hold up well like a celery or carrot sticks to a carrot and mango popsicle or thick pretzel sticks. Try freezing your edible sticks first so they can become even more firm and easier to stick inside you popsicles.

Also consider replacing popsicle sticks with reusable chopsticks or anything else with a decorative handle. Just remember to not use knives, you don’t want to hurt anyone here. How about ditching the popsicle sticks altogether and making ‘popsicle cubes’? Popsicle cubes would be a delicious and intriguing treat.

Replace those paper cups and wax paper.

Want to make sure your popsicles can be easily removed from your muffin tins or maybe you don’t have a muffin tin? Try using BPA-free reusable muffin liners. This would make cute, individually ‘wrapped’ popsicles and they would add a great design around the popsicles. No need to toss anything in the recycling bin since you aren’t using foil, wax, or paper muffin liners.

Include unused fruit scraps.

Composting is amazing and we all love doing it, but how about saving those fruit scraps from the compost and putting them right into your popsicles. Think about it! Instead of giving the garden (or a friend or family member’s garden) those awesome lemon, lime, and orange peels, chopped banana peel, watermelon rinds, or edible fruit seeds like watermelon seeds how about adding them whole for a decorative and delicious touch in your popsicles.

Don’t want to add them in whole? Then sneak them in when you blend your homemade popsicle recipe for a more textured popsicle.

Remember to use the best popsicle filler.

When you are running low on fruit, juice, seeds, rinds, milks, yogurts, nuts, or whatever you are tossing into your creative homemade popsicle recipe, don’t forget you can always add in the best filler to make your recipe taste more complete – water.

Water will not only dilute a strong homemade popsicle recipe, but it will give it a lighter taste on a hot day and save you a bit of change. It’s healthy, cheap, and contributes to your daily water intake. Just beware not to add too much, you don’t want frozen ‘water-sicles’, a simple taste test before freezing will help prevent this.