6 Ways to Impress Her Friends

When you want to increase your chances of getting and keeping a woman’s attention, it’s not just about impressing her — it’s also about impressing her friends. Chances are they’ll have quite a bit of influence, especially if they’re as close as family. If you make a good impression with them, you may be able to increase your chances of grabbing the attention of the woman you’re interested in.

Show up already at your best

If you’re going to show up to a restaurant to meet her and her friends and you’re 20 minutes late and wearing sweats, you may as well not have even made the effort at all. Obviously there are extenuating circumstances that could make you a little late, but you should always aim to be there early. Choose an outfit according to the dress code of the venue, but always look neat and put-together.

Show them you know what chivalry means

Skip the macho persona and show her and her friends that you know how to be a gentleman. Say “please,” “excuse me” and “thank you” and make sure to tell her friends it was nice to meet them. Resist the urge to take a glance at her chest or…assets, help her put her coat on, hold the door open for her and her friends and send her a text later on and tell her that you had a good time and it was nice to meet her friends.

Be positive

Other than smiling and not having a grumpy or bored expression on your face, leave the negative comments at home. Try to turn everything into a positive or at the very least, keep it short and simple. Her friends want to know that she’s going to be with someone that isn’t going to constantly be grumpy or in a bad mood and will cheer her up on bad days. Obviously everyone has bad and negative days, but the first few times you’re meeting her friends isn’t the time to let that show.

Avoid being smothering

One time I met the guy a friend was dating and he didn’t leave her side the entire night. He would constantly kiss her, hold her hand, practically sit in her lap and followed her everywhere she went — he even walked her to the bathroom and stood outside waiting for her — when we were in her house. I’ve been in similar positions and it was an automatic turn-off. My friend thought so, too, considering she dumped the guy the next day. When you’re around a woman and her friends, show them you enjoy her company and can hang around her while still giving her space to breathe and move.

Be genuine

When you talk to her and her friends, they’re going to realize if you’re not being genuine. If her friend is talking about the new filing system she learned at work, pay attention even if you have to pinch yourself under the table to stay awake. Ask questions, wear a look of interest, and focus more on what they’re saying rather than talking about yourself too much.

Remember what you’re told

Pay close attention to her friends’ names. After you meet each of her friends, either say “Hi” followed by the name or at least say it in your head so you can remember it. It’s also important to remember what her and her friends tell you; there will likely be several opportunities in the future to show that you were listening.

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