6 Tips to Happy Feng Shui Travel

Is it possible to keep good Feng Shui while in transit? Feng Shui is about creating harmony with the world around you, and there’s no better time to step up your Feng Shui than while you are in transit, on vacation or in between places. Creating a sense of harmony and peace during this time is key!

While on a recent flight, a woman asked if it was possible to Feng Shui a plane! Why not? Sure, planes are Chi Tornados: a mix of synthetic fibers, plastic, a bombardment of colors and an audio system that falls somewhere between a screaming toddler and the emergency broadcast system going off. The key to good Feng Shui in transit is to bring it with you internally!

Here are 6 tips for Feng Shui in transit:

  1. Stay Grounded! While we want to “pack lightly” to ease travel, you can still have one object that gives a grounding energy such as a smooth stone or crystal. The idea is that despite all the movement, you are connecting with earth energy and allowing your own energy to ground and the excess energy to drain off.
  1. Pack a mobile home! Bring a touchstone or two with you on your trip to remind you physically and in every other way of “home.” This could be as simple as a picture of your loved one or your own pillowcase. And when you connect with your “mobile home” reminder, let the feeling of home fully embrace you.
  1. Smell up your Room. Whether staying in a hotel, a friend’s cottage or in a tent, bring in fresh flowers, a scented candle or room mister to clear the energy and improve the chi of the space creating the sanctuary your traveling body needs.
  1. Move the furniture and cover the TV. I don’t think twice about re-arranging my hotel room if it feels uncomfortable. (I’ve even re-arranged guest rooms while staying with friends!) And while it is a standard hotel amenity, the TV is usually a big hunk of energy staring down on the bed – easily remedied by covering it with a towel.
  1. Put all the hotel’s brochures and pamphlets and menus and do-dads in a drawer. It’s handy information, but it’s clutter with a capital C! No, make that ALL caps!
  1. Create a drop zone in your temporary home, a safe space to drop everything when you come in the room, so you know where to find them when you need them.

Feng Shui is simply about living in harmony with the world around us. When the world around us is zooming by and swirling about, we can easily be carried away with it. Keeping a sense of home and thereby creating space for ourselves in whatever temporary environments will allow us to ground, unwind, and fully enjoy the fun of traveling stress free.

See you on the road!!!