6 Tips on How to Save Money on Gas

It seems that the less money everyone has to spend the higher that gas prices get. In many cities consumers are paying a record high in gas prices. Fortunately there are a few tips that can be followed to help save money on gas. These tips don’t include selling your car and riding a bicycle or just staying home all the time. Buying gas will still be necessary but hopefully these tips will make gas a little less expensive.

Air Conditioning
Running the air conditioner can burn about eight percent of the gas in the tank. One easy way to save money on gas is to run the air conditioner as infrequent as possible. On interstates when the wind is blowing hard it might be necessary to roll up the windows and use the air conditioner but when driving around the neighborhood rolling down the windows should suffice.

Avoid Empty Gas Tank
One way to save a little money on gas is to take notice of the gas tank when it is ¼ full and begin looking for a place to fill it. That will allow the person some time to look around for the cheapest gas price while continuing on their daily routine. When waiting until the gas tank is empty it often forces the person to get gas immediately and to settle on gas at a more expensive gas station.

Avoid Sunlight
There are two reasons that avoiding the sunlight when parking a vehicle will save money on gas. The first is that direct sunlight can cause gas to evaporate meaning that the gas tank will have to be filled more often. The other reason that avoiding sunlight when parking a vehicle will save money on gas is simply because in the summer the car will get hot in the sunlight. By parking in the shade the car can stay cool and it won’t be necessary to use the air conditioner when returning to the car.

Maintain Car
Another vital way to save money on gas is to keep the car in good shape. Maintaining the tires can be especially helpful. If the tires are not inflated or aligned then the gas mileage of the vehicle will decrease. It is also important not to be too hard on the vehicle when driving. Driving over 60 miles per hour will use more gas and so will sudden braking and acceleration.

Morning Gas
In order to save money on gas it is necessary to buy better gas. In the mornings the gas tanks that store the gas are cooler. This will cause the gas to be more dense and therefore the gas will last longer.

Wednesday Gas
Keep an eye on prices on a regular basis in order to save money on gas. Eventually it will probably seem clear that gas prices almost always rises on Thursdays when the weekend is about to hit. Try to fill up the gas tank on Wednesday as much as possible.