6 Tips for Not Being Intimidated at the Gym

For people who are not used to exercising the gym can be quite a scary place to work out. There are all kinds of equipment but the most intimidating part are the big and insanely fit people there. You are just starting out. Perhaps you are over weight. These insanely fit people make you intimidated and out of place. How in the world can you exercise next to these people? The good thing is that there is absolutely no reason you should feel out of place. Everyone has the same goal of getting healthier and more fit. You are no different than they are. But, until you gain your own confidence consider using these six tips to help you make the gym your own.

Bring a Partner

There is comfort when you go with a trusted friend. You have someone going through this experience with you. You have someone to talk to and encourage and you have someone to encourage you too. With this support system you are less likely to give up because you feel too intimidated. With a partner you also look more like you know what you are doing instead of working through aimlessly.

Hire a Trainer

A trainer will help you know what you are supposed to be doing. He will show you all the equipment and teach you all the exercises. He will work you harder than you would probably work yourself alone. His expertise will rub off on you and make you look like you know what you are doing. Having a trainer will also show all the people at the gym that you are serious about your fitness and not someone playing with it. Keep in mind that the trainer works at the gym. He knows the gym culture and probably most of the people there. As time goes on he will show you how to fit in and will most likely introduce you to some of the more scary people. You just might realize they are not that scary after all.

Bring Music

Plug into your mp3 player and zone out. Go inside yourself and focus on what you are doing. Don’t focus on what the other people are doing. Go in there, turn on the tunes, and do your exercises. This is not the most friendly way of dealing with the intimidation but it works. Use your music to help you get through your workouts until you are confident enough to turn it off and interact with the other exercisers. Just remember to not zone out so much that you end up being rude by not acknowledging other people.

Focus on You

Focus on you and your personal goals. Don’t worry yourself with how the other people are doing. Remember that everyone had to start somewhere and everyone you see was right where you are now. They were beginners just like you. They have just been doing it longer than you. That is all. Now think about your personal goal. Lose weight and tone up? Become absolutely ripped? What is your goal? Focus on that. You are there for achieving your goal and not for comparing yourself to other people. After a few weeks see how far you have come and focus on that success. Feel the confidence building.

Remember Everyone is the Same

You are no different from anyone at the gym. Like it was said before you are all there for the sole goal of gaining health, fitness, and strength. Different people pursue that goal in different ways. Some run on the treadmill. Some take all kinds of aerobic or spin classes. And others focus on building muscle in the weight room. But, it all comes down to the same goal of health and fitness. Also remember that pretty much everyone there is self-conscious about something just like you. Most of the them are embarrassed about some part of their body just like you are. That’s why you are all there. Once you accept that everyone is pretty much the same you can let go of all your hang ups about the gym and completely focus on what you are trying to achieve. You might be able to help other people too. Believe it or not, someone is going to show up at the gym in a few weeks just like you did and will need a friend to train with. Be the person who reaches out and helps.