6 Tips for Indie Bands

At any given time, there are thousands of indie bands in the country trying to find success and fame. The majority of them will only find a few gigs at small time venues that might just end up being a high school gymnasium. It’s a sad but a very real occurrence. On the other hand, some bands will find more success, varying from local fame to national fame. It all depends upon hundreds of different factors. However, dedication and true persistence can work for many indie bands, so here are some tips for your indie band!

Don’t record a thousand dollar demo.
Most indie bands will go to record a demo early on in their venture. Unfortunately, many bands pour hundreds of dollars into a demo to make it a perfect and fine-tuned recording. Recording companies aren’t looking for a professional quality album when they listen through demos. Therefore, you shouldn’t try to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to create a demo or album. The fans might like it, but it won’t make too much of a difference to a recording studio. The executives and producers are just looking for a rough sketch of something that sounds good and means something. Also, they’re looking for marketability. Don’t spend tons of money on your demo.

Start with any gig you can find – no matter how small.
In the beginning, your indie band will hold no clout to anyone because it’s a brand new band. You can’t start searching for big local venues because nobody is going to take your band for a performance. On that note, you need to start out with gigs at venues that might not even be venues. Perform at a high school or at a charitable event. Just start small because your band won’t have many more options. Basically, your indie band can see the beginning as “paying your dues” by playing small venues that might not even be attended by tons of people. Start small and build up after that.

Perfect your live performances to gain more fame and fans.
Some bands perform horribly live, which is a killer for indie bands because lives shows are how these bands get themselves noticed at first. Therefore, all amateur bands should focus on perfecting their lives shows. A band that plays well live can “woo” the fans and draw bigger crowds for future shows. On top of that, an indie band that can play well live can more than likely play well in a recording studio. Gaining more fans and gaining more fame go hand in hand, so your band must play as many shows as possible while playing as well as possible too.

Promote your band everywhere, as if it were already world famous.
To promote your band, you will need to treat it as if it is already a world famous band. Use all sources possible to promote your band and create flashy, eye-catching banners and posters. Hit the social media sites, use street campaigns, and get others to spread the word about your band. Also, be as interactive with your fans as possible so that they are more willing to stick by and promote your indie band as huge fans. Treating your band like it is already well-known means that you will be putting tons of effort into promotion, which can get your band recognized.

Make sure that everyone in the band is dedicated to its success.
A band can’t hope to find success if someone in the band isn’t as dedicated as the rest of the members. You must make sure that your indie band is filled with dedicated members that will do whatever is necessary to find success. Obviously, it is pretty easy to tell when someone is passionate and dedicate toward something or not. Just don’t accept someone into the band that is questionable as far as dedication is concerned. You’ll regret that decision. Without a doubt, a band that is persistent and passionate will end up going farther than a band that isn’t either of these things.

Look for gigs in places that nobody else would.
Finally, your indie band should seek gigs in places that other bands wouldn’t. Offer to play at a local fair or festival that doesn’t commonly utilize musical performances. Also, you could play at the grand opening for a new small business or something similar. You will need to do everything in your power to find gigs. Some random gigs can turn into high profile events for your indie band, which should always be a desirable occurrence. So then, look everywhere you can for a gig because some of the most obscure gigs can be some of the best of your indie band’s career.

An Indie Band Can Make It Big.
Indie bands have the deck stacked against there success, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to succeed. In fact, any indie band that is dedicated and at least somewhat skilled can find moderate success, even if it’s just at the local level. Most indie bands aren’t going to find success on a regional or national level, but that kind of success should never be ruled out. In the end, you and your indie band should give it a shot – no matter what.

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