6 Steps to Fire an Employee the Right Way

1. Before Considering Termination
When you have to fire and employee remember this is just business and not personal. This will affect their careers. Document the employee’s assignments. How they have completed or not completed their work. When was their last performance review? What was their performance on the review? What is holding them back from completing their assignments? If their performance changed when did it decline? Discover what is causing them to fail at their goals. It is cheaper to fix an employee then to train a new one.

2. Put the Monkey on Their Back
Give them a set of assignments and let them know they are on probation. They need to complete this set of assignments in this amount of time. If you can fix the cause of their failure then fix it. Give them a different boss. Now it is up to them to make changes or receive a layoff notice. This will give them a chance to save their career.

3. Plan for the Meeting
There is never a good time. Once the choice is made then get at least one other representative to be with you in the office and call them in and let them, know. A good time is lunchtime because they can clean out their desk while some employees are gone. Bring them into a conference room. When you have completed the meeting, you and the representative can walk out of the room and leave. If it were your office, it would be strange for you to leave the office.

4. Just Say it
Make sure you use the words “fire”, “terminate”, or “let you go”. You do not want the employee to misunderstand anything you say. This is a time to open and direct. It will be hard but this is a important. Always have at least one or two representatives with you to witness what you are saying. If you do this, alone you can jeopardize your career.

5. Give Them Actions
Let them know about cobra and when to expect their last paycheck. Ask them about any keys they have. Let them know they have tried and you are sorry this had to happen. Stand up and shake hands with them. Now would be a good time to let a HR representative talk to them about cobra and anything else.

6. Have A Team Meeting Now
Have a conference meeting with all employees that work with the employee. Be open and honest and let them know employee has terminated. Tell them we do not want any rumors so please be kind and friendly since the employee feels bad enough.

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